Monday, September 6, 2010

SHEnanigans Old West Photo Shoot!

This was the photo shoot I did for July! We were assigned Old Western Movie as one of the many movie genres handed out to all the groups. MY goodness we had fun! The Silly Girls photography group has now changed it's name to SHEnanigans, due to a leadership change. Still the same ol' "worldwide photo shoots just for kicks" kind of a deal. Here's the website - I'm just so glad that I can be a part of all the silliness, because it really brings out the fun and confidence in all of us. If you're in the area, you're more than welcome to join us! If you're elsewhere, this is worldwide, so get a group of your girl friends together and join in the monthly shoots! All the themes are posted on the website and you just let Laura know on the Silly Girls United facebook page. (Still under the old name.) I can't tell you how much fun we all have! (Let me know if you need any help figuring stuff out!)

Anyway! For this shoot, it's kind of a long story...but I found this location out in the boonies on Ebey Island, which is all farming land. We drove to the field I wanted to use and knocked on the owner's door asking if we could take pictures there. (I tried earlier in the week, and no one answered, so I had knots in my stomach about it up until this moment...) A man named Roger answered the door and said "Sure!" He dropped what he was doing and took us out to the barn area, saddled up the horses, gave us all a quick lesson and let us ride the horses around! That was icing on the cake...I just wanted pictures on the property...I had no idea we'd get to ride horses! He then just let us wander around and take pictures wherever we fancied. I was so pleased I could've cried! I got his address from him before we left and have since sent him a thank you note with one of the pictures inside. =) Thank you farmer Roger! And thank you Leslie F, Kali, Heather, Leslie P, Katie, & Kaci for coming and being so amazing!

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