Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cafe & the beach

My long time friend, Becky and her daughter Aubrey are back in town, so we've been dying to hang out with our girls! First stop was the Red Cup Cafe in downtown Mukilteo. Cutest little place ever. I always get an Italian Soda and a huge soft sugar cookie with pink frosting. Afterwards we drove down the street to good ol' Mukilteo beach. (It never gets old!) It turned out to be an awesome, sunny day, so the four of us had fun!

Kristie & Aubrey on the swings.
Aubrey's just gorgeous, like her momma.
Becky & Aubrey =)

Putting bark through the holes together. =)

Running along the sidewalk together - this was just the cutest.
Kind of a goofy picture of us, it was really sunny! =)
Can't leave the beach without getting a picture of the beautiful lighthouse.

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