Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Little Dinosaur Fiasco...

Had a dinosaur cake order for Logan Kincaid's 1st birthday party. WHAT an experience! First of all, it was harder than I anticipated to put this together. So I ran late in making it. Luckily Curtis is a good friend of ours, so when he came to pick it up, he stuck around and just hung out with us while I finished decorating. Got all the whole thing covered in green stars, breathed a sigh of relief and WHAM. I bumped the corner of the cake board with my elbow (I was kneeling and hit it on my way standing up) and knocked the head right over. And to try and catch it, I hit the side of the cake (his front leg) squishing that part of the cake. AH! I could NOT believe what had just happened. So I had to readjust his head and cover that and his leg back up with stars. Yikes and a half. (AND I had to hurriedly make another batch of frosting.) It actually looked PERFECT before I went and knocked out it out of whack. So I'm insanely bummed that it turned out so different. His head actually had a neck, so it really looked like a dinosaur. So when I had to fix it, I had to squish it together to make it stay. So it ended up looking like a lizard. THEN I got a text from Curtis saying the head fell off in the car. AHH! Luckily he & Linda are super cool and super easy going, so they didn't make a big deal at all and kept saying it was alright and whatnot. They're so insanely sweet, but I couldn't help but sweat it. Can't wait to make them a better one to make up for it! 

(Used those orange slice candies for the spikes.)
Logan's mini cake - wish I used white frosting for the eye and smile. =)
Kristie made me feel better by wearing Daddy's shorts. =)

Dave's 50th

Jason's dad turned 50 and we had a party on Friday! I tried out making an ice cream filled cake and it turned out deee-lish. 

Becca's giant sunflower! HOLY cow!
Checkin' out the cake. 

Blake started trying to blow out the candles while we were singing.
Caramel caribou ice cream inside...yum. 

Kristie's future piano teacher. 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just for fun...

...we went on a walk to the park at our apartments. Playgrounds are so much more fun now that Kristie can walk and is actually interested! She...

...climbed up the stairs all by herself... (she can climb whole staircases!)
...looked at the surroundings...
...saw a plane in the sky - there's a nice face for ya! haha...
...decided it was funny...
...found a wheel to turn...

...found holes to stick her fingers in...

...and went down the slide all by herself!! (While sitting up, without falling!!)
"Here we go!!"
"Ok, I'm alright..."
"Phew. Let's do that again!!"
Quick vid of her by herself! 

And while we're on the subject, she's sure been doing a lot of things by herself lately! Just kills me! So she figured out how to use the giraffe toy - putting the blocks in the hole, by herself! She gets a kick out of that! She can climb on and off her zebra bouncy toy all by herself! (She's not much of a climber at all, so that is big!) She can open up the garbage can, put trash in, and shut it again! Climbs up stairs, goes down slides, claps when she does something good...and one of the cutest things of all...

...when she wakes up from naps or from bedtime, I'll pick her up, change her diaper, then I take out her paci and throw it in her crib and she thinks it's funny. So today, I was like "Ok Kristie, throw it in!" She took out her paci, but just held it out and wouldn't let go. So I bend over 'til her hand could touch the mattress, and she let go of her paci and put it down! Then of course she looks at me grinning from ear to ear and cracks up..."Look what I did mama!!" And then claps at herself. Man, what a big girl she is! 

She also likes to hold my shoe on her arm like it's a purse...SO cute!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Business Card

My amazing brother, Dustin, designed a business card for me and I got them all in the mail today!!! SO awesome! The actual card has round edges and a glossy finish, so it looks great! Thanks Dustin!

Dad's Birthday!

Dad requested Grandma Frank's chocolate torte for his birthday...YUM! We haven't had it for years, so it was really fun to have it. Grandma Frank passed away last year so I was definitely reminiscing while making this. She'd make it for our birthdays if we were ever in town, but always made it for Dad and his brothers & sisters for their birthdays growing up. All I could think about was her while I made it. And she was probably laughing at me, trying to get the sprinkles on the side. =) This was my first time making it. My brother Darrin has made it several times, so I got some tips from him. And he sent some authentic german sprinkles and the Dr. Oetker pudding that goes in the frosting! So sweet of him! All in all, it turned out great! Couldn't get it as perfect as Grandma, but there will be many more chances to perfect it. =) 

Barbecuing in the back yard!

Giving Opa his card. She helped by doodling on the was SO cute.

We had to use matches for candles. Lol. Kristie was totally mesmerized.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Course 1 Complete!

Last day of Course 1 Wilton Cake Decorating today. Did the rose cake and it turned out pretty cute! I can't wait to take course 2!!

With my instructor. =)

Trip to Crescent Bar

We spent this whole last week at Crescent Bar with the Duces and had SO much fun. We stayed in a house right by the water and wake boarded everyday. It was heavenly!! 

Walking down to the beach.
View from our room.
Had so much fun in the sand! 

First ride in a tube!

Scene from Dirty Dancing!!
Making carmel corn!
This dog came to our beach everyday to play with us. We never did meet the owners! lol.

Rolling the truck over the dog. Haha.

Me. Woohoo!

Gettin' ready to tube together!

"Driving" the boat.

John with his sand castle.

Paddling the boat to the buoy...haha!