Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Little Dinosaur Fiasco...

Had a dinosaur cake order for Logan Kincaid's 1st birthday party. WHAT an experience! First of all, it was harder than I anticipated to put this together. So I ran late in making it. Luckily Curtis is a good friend of ours, so when he came to pick it up, he stuck around and just hung out with us while I finished decorating. Got all the whole thing covered in green stars, breathed a sigh of relief and WHAM. I bumped the corner of the cake board with my elbow (I was kneeling and hit it on my way standing up) and knocked the head right over. And to try and catch it, I hit the side of the cake (his front leg) squishing that part of the cake. AH! I could NOT believe what had just happened. So I had to readjust his head and cover that and his leg back up with stars. Yikes and a half. (AND I had to hurriedly make another batch of frosting.) It actually looked PERFECT before I went and knocked out it out of whack. So I'm insanely bummed that it turned out so different. His head actually had a neck, so it really looked like a dinosaur. So when I had to fix it, I had to squish it together to make it stay. So it ended up looking like a lizard. THEN I got a text from Curtis saying the head fell off in the car. AHH! Luckily he & Linda are super cool and super easy going, so they didn't make a big deal at all and kept saying it was alright and whatnot. They're so insanely sweet, but I couldn't help but sweat it. Can't wait to make them a better one to make up for it! 

(Used those orange slice candies for the spikes.)
Logan's mini cake - wish I used white frosting for the eye and smile. =)
Kristie made me feel better by wearing Daddy's shorts. =)


Kali said...

Don't sweat it. At least this happened with good friends who would understand!

If it makes you feel better, I agreed to make a cake for our Writer's Workshop for the Journal recently. I decided to try a cookies n cream filling between the layers, instead of just the icing like I normally do, but I didn't think the ring the filling because I've never had to in the past. The cookies n cream filling seeped out into the icing and make it look like there was dirt all over the cake! I was seriously on the verge of tears, and I was about to go buy a cake because I didn't have time to make a new one. But Chris convinced me to bring the cake in anyway, and luckily my friend Laura started eating it and told everyone it was delicious, so that helped :) But oh my gosh, I know exactly how sick you feel about messing up a cake!

Bri said...

Its just a different kind of dinosaur than it started out to be. I love it! Its really cute. If you want you can use a tooth pick to stick something back togehter next time something falls off, but make sure to tell the parents so nobody eats it.