Monday, August 24, 2009

Dad's Birthday!

Dad requested Grandma Frank's chocolate torte for his birthday...YUM! We haven't had it for years, so it was really fun to have it. Grandma Frank passed away last year so I was definitely reminiscing while making this. She'd make it for our birthdays if we were ever in town, but always made it for Dad and his brothers & sisters for their birthdays growing up. All I could think about was her while I made it. And she was probably laughing at me, trying to get the sprinkles on the side. =) This was my first time making it. My brother Darrin has made it several times, so I got some tips from him. And he sent some authentic german sprinkles and the Dr. Oetker pudding that goes in the frosting! So sweet of him! All in all, it turned out great! Couldn't get it as perfect as Grandma, but there will be many more chances to perfect it. =) 

Barbecuing in the back yard!

Giving Opa his card. She helped by doodling on the was SO cute.

We had to use matches for candles. Lol. Kristie was totally mesmerized.

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