Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sad news

Yesterday, Friday the 29th, I had a miscarriage at home. After a couple days of spotting and minor cramping, I started to bleed very heavily yesterday around 4am with extremely painful cramps. I was passing large blood clots and knew something was very wrong. As soon as the Everett Clinic was open at 8am I called to let them know how much worse things had gotten. (I talked to them the night before.) I went in for a blood draw first so they could see what numbers my pregnancy hormones were at, then depending on how that went, we'd need to do an ultrasound. Turns out, they needed to do an ultrasound. Jason and Kristie were there for that part.

The technician was very quiet the whole time, not saying anything about the images she was seeing. I wasn't seeing a visible baby on the screen so I didn't ask. It was very extensive, she froze a lot of images and did a lot of measurements so we weren't sure what was going on. At the end I said "See anything there?" She said she couldn't tell me but the physician would let me know when the results were ready. Then she said my doctor's nurse would call us on the phone in that room with the results ('cause we were in a different building.) She called about 10 minutes later I quickly got up and answered. The second she said the word "miscarry" I lost it. She could tell we needed to talk in person, so she said to come to the office so we could talk. I hung up the phone and cried on Jason's shoulder as we embraced. He was holding Kristie as well - she was very quiet. After I pulled myself together enough to look up, she looked at me with sad eyes and whimpered - I think she could tell something was obviously wrong.

We were lucky this happened with the second pregnancy and not the first- so we already know we're capable of having kids. It was weird, my belly was not growing very much, and I just felt not very pregnant. I've had an inkling that something might be wrong but could not find out because my first appointment wasn't until next week. We finally just heard back from DSHS about being covered for pregnancy last week. (Jason's benefits just started this month and I got pregnant the month before.) That's what kills me is I never got to see the baby. By the time we had the ultrasound yesterday it was gone.

You will not be forgotten. I know Mom's taking care of you now. We will see you in a lifetime to come.

Fun Day with Aunt Leslie

Usually we spend almost every day together since she starts her job on the 1st of February! So we're going to miss her on Monday. =( This day, we painted our toenails and went to Forest Park.

She's letting me put bows in her hair again! This was actually on another day, so she really did keep it on all day. Woo!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haven't been able to get rid of this box yet 'cause she loves it so much! This smile just kills me.

Making Mom's no-bake cookies! Kristie helped stir and everything! Just missed pics of that part 'cause Daddy was in the bathroom. =)

Teletubbies comes her favorite part...
This is the part where paint splatters on them and she cracks up so hard, every time! Wow!
Haha! Obviously a knee-slapper. =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Leslie's Birthday Party

Leslie's turning the big 22 on Tuesday! She celebrated it on the 22nd and had it be a "doubles" themed party. =) So fun!

She asked me to make a turtle cake since she's obsessed with them. Aw!
Matching balloons!
I love my husby!!

Hope you're not sick of Kristie pictures

The teletubbies absolutely crack her up...hilarious!

And the mirror still cracks her up. =)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sad to announce...

...I will no longer be taking orders for "Cakes by Candace." It is just too stressful with a toddler. I decided it's more important for me to give attention to Kristie than to the cakes. Poor thing just whines and cries and screams the entire time I make cakes. Doesn't matter if I do it during nap time, takes me so long to prepare & decorate that she's awake for it no matter what. And the only thing that will calm her down and separate her from me is Baby Einstein. It's not ok for her to be watching tv all day, you know?

With her screaming and crying like that, I get stressed out to no end. That on top of the other stresses from cake decorating sometimes. I just get so stressed and so unhappy so easily, so when I do, it's hard to go back to happy, normal Candace. Then poor Jason has to deal with it. He comes home from work to a super frustrated wife who won't talk. I think about how much I would hate it if he was in moods like that as often as I am and it makes me cry just thinking about how much the poor guy has been dealing with. I can't do that to him anymore.

I hesitated to stop because cake decorating is something I'm good at - what am I without it? A nobody? I actually had those thoughts and couldn't believe it. Even if I don't decorate, I am still a mother to the cutest girl in the world - I still have that. And that is the basis of why I need to take a break - my little girl needs me. My husband needs his wifey back.

I still have some future orders - 3 wedding cakes included - but will not be taking any more. Of course I'll still do cakes for family here and there, just for absolute fun. I will miss the business dearly - thank you friends and family for all your support! It's been an amazing ride.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Kristie is repeating almost anything we ask her to say now - man it's cute! Last night she started saying "peaches" at dinner. Day before that, she started saying "peepees" as I was changing a wet diaper. So last night after she had been asking for more peaches several times, she got the two mixed up one of the times. She said "Peepees?" We laughed SO hard. Sorry Kristie, some words are so close!

Woah Kate!

Have you seen Kate's new hair?! Not totally sure what to think - it's just such a huge change! She looks like she's 18! That is a little weird. But power to her though - new hair, new life. I am going to miss the old one though. (Hair and life.)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cakes by Candace, featured!

Sarah, a publisher for a website "Macaroni Kid" did a write up about my cakes in the weekly e-newsletter and the website that will continue for another week as well! My highlight is below!

On the cute site, North Sound Macaroni Kid, she highlights local happenings for kids and families in the North Sound area, also including household tips, recipes, craft ideas and etc. It's nice to able to know what's going on around town so Kristie and I can get out!

Cake! Cake! Cake!

This past week my Mom celebrated a 'milestone' birthday-Happy Birthday Mom! Normally I would have jumped at the opportunity to make her a cake but with two little boys running around, having to pack for a weekend away and organize a birthday celebration I didn't know how I was going to fit it all in!
Enter Cakes by Candace!
First, let me say I am very picky about my cakes...I like moist cakes with yummy frosting (I know, who doesn't right?). Often times store bought cakes are very disappointing-frosting tastes like ink, cake is super dry, etc. Candace baked the most delicious cake I have tasted in a very long time. Vanilla cake with creamy lemon filling, buttercream frosting and HOMEMADE marshmallow fondant-just what the birthday girl ordered! DELICIOUS! Not only was the cake beautiful but it tasted just as good as it looked. Thank you Candace for creating such an amazing cake for my Mom-it was the perfect ending to a wonderful celebration!
Next time you are in the market for an original, homemade cake that tastes as good as it looks, contact Candace. You won't be disappointed. You can check out the cake that Candace made for my Mom and other cakes by Candace at

All Kristie

The second I take the camera out now, she says "Cheese!"
She looooves to take this pot out of the cupboard and sit on it. lol.

And playing on our bed is another favorite past time.