Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After all this time...

...still best friends! Only get to get together once in a blue moon since Kali's living in Iowa, but she may be moving back soon!! *knock on wood* This was the last night Kali was in town - earlier in the day the three of us went out to see New Moon together. We all love it so we had to see it another time, together. =)

Kristie got jealous and wanted to be in the picture with us...seriously.
Couple days before, Leslie, Kali and I went to the outlet mall to get some Kristie pants. It was way fun! Out of all the cute little rides, Kristie only wanted to get in the TRUCK! Funny. I put in 50 cents, and it didn't work! Rude!! I wanted to see her ride it so bad. =) She still loved it though...I had to PEEL her away from it...
Then later we went to Kali's mom & dad's house to visit and have dinner. Vicky is like another Grandma to Kristie...she's so great!
One of the only ways I could get her to smile while we were there - the mirror. =)

Climbing up the stairs. =)
And another way I got her to smile. =)

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