Friday, January 8, 2010

Girls Day at Pike Place

Since Kali's in town, we went to Seattle with her mom for a brunch at Starbucks and a nice leisurely walk through Pike Place - aw, it was nice!!

Inside Pike Place
This is the restaurant where Tom Hanks sat in Sleepless in Seattle!!!
This hangs on the window...

Trying a lavender spread - I tried the rose flavored one. It was almost like eating perfume. haha.
I bought a 50 cent kiwi fruit roll. Yum.
Notice the sign on the avocados. =)

This gigantic fish was flapping around like it was alive! We totally fell for it - until we saw the string and the old guy behind the counter pulling it. Haha!
The famous fish throwers - I was silly and only caught the wind up!
And the "Yay!"

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