Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hottest Day in the History of Seattle...

Eeeek, 103 degrees is a little too much for me! We dealt with it in Rexburg 'cause we had AC...but definitely not here. Kristie spent the afternoon at the pediatrician's office for her appointment, which was lovely 'cause of their air conditioning. Then after a "nap" (too hot to nap) we hit up the pool again. (The real one, not her baby one.) It's funny 'cause we've been there so often this week, and other people who live here have been going consistently as we've made a few new friends! Kristie has a new little friend named Mason who is 20 months and loves the water also. Hopefully I'll get a picture of them soon. Later, we found out our church building was going to be open from 5-10pm for emergency use if anyone wanted to hang out in the air conditioned building! I had the Young Women's activity to go to anyway, but I made sure to bring Kristie along 'cause our apartment was unbearably humid, hot and stuffy. Then after when Kristie was in bed, Jason and I played a game out on the porch. It had gotten to the point where the apartment was hotter than it was outside. (Even though it was still in the high 80's after 9pm.) We both soaked our feet in Kristie's baby pool. It was wonderful. =) Then Jason went to bed since he had to get up early for work and I stayed up a little longer. Around 10pm, this was my status on facebook..."

Candace Frank Duce

is in heaven. Let me paint you a picture. I'm sitting outside, on our awesome porch. (It's literally like 10 degrees hotter inside.) My feet are soaking in Kristie's baby pool full of cold water. Our cute mini lantern lights are hanging and dimly lighting up the porch in cool, pastel colors. I'm eating food and on the computer. Awww. I never thought 87 degrees could feel so good...12 hours ago clear"

In her new big girl chair...loves it!

Me on the porch at 10pm escaping our 90 degree apartment...
Mini lantern lights on the porch. =)

Here are a couple pics from the Seattle times...
A cooling station at Safeco Field during the mariners game!
And an article about the breaking record heat...   

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keeping Cool, Cell Phone Pics & Cake Dec Class

Wow! Record breaking highs this week in Washington. I thought we were done with living in Rexburg weather! Yeesh. And NO air conditioning here!! And THIRD floor apt!! Stop the madness, please. You can't feel comfortable in our apt unless you have a fan blowing directly in your face...and it's warm air blowing in your face. BTW, it's supposted to be 101 degrees tomorrow. What?? And right now, at 11:26 pm, it's 82 degrees. Woah, woah, woah. 

K, stop complaining. =) To keep cool, Kristie wears her diaper and a diaper cover all day...that's it. It's pretty cute. Otherwise, she's just miserable. Poor thing can't feel the fans blowing! And I sported my bathing suit most of today. K and I hit up the pool TWICE just to be out of our sauna apartment. The water felt amazing. 

My camera is broken (!?!?!) so we are using our cell phones for pics. AW! Need a new!!! 

I forgot to announce that I am enrolled in a Wilton cake decorating class! The first course is every Saturday from 2-4pm in August. It's 40% off that month, so I only have to pay $27! Hooray! I AM SO EXCITED, I can't even put to words. Hopefully we'll be able to afford to do all four courses. Keep ya updated...

Enough talk, here's some pics! (Cell phone pics that is. haha.)

Kristie's outfit today. 
(She has to wear a diaper cover, otherwise she'll take off her diaper!)

Playing in her pool on our porch yesterday. (We went to the real pool both times today.)

Kristie took Jason's laser pointer and figured out how to use it! She'd press the button over and over again and watch it move around the room. Amazing! We thought she looked like a little kid while she was doing weird! I just don't get how she figured that out?! (You can see the pointer blinking in her hand here...)

New kicks and a new skirt. Both found at a consignment shop for super cheap!
$6 used Skechers? Awesome! These were even in the box still and looked brand new. Love it.

"The Bachelorette" Finale Party

Aileen, Dad, Ada and I are faithful "Bachelorette" watchers and had a mini party for the finale last night. It was lovely! 

I made a cake for it. =) If you haven't seen the the show, the bachelorette gives a rose to each person moving on each week. And since it was the finale, there was of course, one rose left. This was my first attempt at a rose and YIKES. It's so hot in our apartment that the frosting got too warm and soft, so it was like, melting. Plus I do not have a flower nail yet, so I had to pipe this straight onto the cake. Woah! At least the rest of the cake turned out decent. =)

Buttons, buttons, buttons

Kristie has this obsession with buttons. So I made her her own little button "lovey!" 

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can't help but be at the beach on the weekend.

K's first time on the dock! It was bright outside. =)

She was probably like...whoooa, why so wobbly?
Mukilteo lighthouse, Mukilteo ferry. Aw home is so great.

We have too much fun

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Better at Walking!

(The still shot's not very fitting, lol.)

Playin' Piano

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing with Great Grandma Muiriel!

Jason's grandma came over to visit and get a Facebook lesson from me today. =) She's so sweet - I just love her!!

Jetty Island!

This was on our list of things to do this summer and we finally did it! We're hoping to do it again...not only because it was fun, but because it was SO windy that it was cold - even though it was a hot day! Crazy. We met up with the Browers and had a blast! (We forgot the camera so we used J's phone...)

On the tiny Jetty Island ferry. =)
First time really playing with sand! She loved it - even though she put a handful in her mouth, TWICE! Yuuuuck...

The Browers.
Oh Brock, you are too cute...

Brrrrr....snuggling in our towels. (We didn't bring sweaters or anything!)

Picnic at the Beach

We tried to get on the boat to Jetty Island last Friday but missed it, so we had lunch at the beach instead. Such a sunny, nice day!

Trying to surf on the log...
Woops, wish I didn't put them on crooked! =)

Passed out after a looong day in the sun! (I love how she's sideways in her crib!)