Saturday, July 18, 2009

Farewell Elder Frank!

A good friend of mine let me use her buddy pass so I was able to fly to Utah for $60 roundtrip and surprise Dallin and my family!! (I am SO grateful for her!!) Kristie and I had fun traveling together and got there Monday night and stayed through Thursday morning. We surprised them at Darrin & Anna's where they all were. It was SO fun!! We stayed up 'til 11 playing games together. 

The next morning we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house! This was right before we left. It was such a gorgeous temple and so neat to take Kristie through - she loved it. =)
Eating cookies and water at the reception afterwards. It was in a really fancy tent! 

Kristie crawled away and found a new little friend! The both got so excited and played together!
Group shot in front of the temple.

Then later we stitched F's onto Dallin's mission socks so they wouldn't get mixed up with anyone elses. They turned out super cute. =)
Then we all met up at The Mayan restaurant. If you haven't been there, you should go! It's like being in Disneyland. It's all insanely decorated up to look Mayan, like you're sitting in a jungle. And they have a show every half hour or so where divers jump off the cliff into this tiny pool! It was awesome!
Newest nephew Henry! He's gotten SO big! 
Watching the show. This is where the divers jump off. (Kristie was SO into this!)

Cutest Grandpa ever!
All three grandkids! So cute. =)
Next morning, we dropped off Dallin to the MTC! We met up just before at a church parking lot nearby to say our goodbyes. Now they have curbside drop off instead of families actually being able to go inside and say goodbye. Crazy! Anyway, Elder Kohagen was there with his parents as well saying goodbye. 

Siblings, plus Anna, minus Devin. =) (When did I get this short?!)
Man I'm gonna miss Dallin!!
Taking a walk with Uncle Darrin.
A huge momentous moment....handing over his cell phone! No texting for two years, how will he manage?! Lol.
Dropping him off at the MTC! Woah...
One last picture!
Our last glimpse of Dallin for two years!
Then we went to Ada's sister's house and played at a park. 

It was 98 degrees that day so it was stinking sunny and hot! She borrowed Opa's hat and actually kept it on!

Kristie's trying to get the dog playing nearby. Haha.
Opa's so funny!
She was SO happy and giggly walking with Opa & Abue!
I love this...

Then we met up at a park with Becky and her daughter Aubrey! Becky and I go way back and haven't been able to get together with our girls yet 'cause she lives in Utah. This was SO fun catching up with each other, laughing our heads off and watching our girls play. I loved every minute of it. (Here she is standing! I think she could completely walk on her own...she's just being lazy. lol.)
Eating grapes together. =)

On the plane ride home! She loved it. She especially loved looking out the windows! We also managed to get on the same flight as Dad & Ada, so it was fun. =)

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Conger's said...

Fun! my little brother will be going on his mission soon too. It will be sad to see him go but good at the same time! :)