Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"The Bachelorette" Finale Party

Aileen, Dad, Ada and I are faithful "Bachelorette" watchers and had a mini party for the finale last night. It was lovely! 

I made a cake for it. =) If you haven't seen the the show, the bachelorette gives a rose to each person moving on each week. And since it was the finale, there was of course, one rose left. This was my first attempt at a rose and YIKES. It's so hot in our apartment that the frosting got too warm and soft, so it was like, melting. Plus I do not have a flower nail yet, so I had to pipe this straight onto the cake. Woah! At least the rest of the cake turned out decent. =)


Bri said...

Nice cake! I watch it too. I was happy she picked Ed!

Kali said...

My roses are awful, too. That's actually my goal for the time off I have before school starts again: learn how to do roses. Yours looks pretty good for not having a flower nail!