Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keeping Cool, Cell Phone Pics & Cake Dec Class

Wow! Record breaking highs this week in Washington. I thought we were done with living in Rexburg weather! Yeesh. And NO air conditioning here!! And THIRD floor apt!! Stop the madness, please. You can't feel comfortable in our apt unless you have a fan blowing directly in your face...and it's warm air blowing in your face. BTW, it's supposted to be 101 degrees tomorrow. What?? And right now, at 11:26 pm, it's 82 degrees. Woah, woah, woah. 

K, stop complaining. =) To keep cool, Kristie wears her diaper and a diaper cover all day...that's it. It's pretty cute. Otherwise, she's just miserable. Poor thing can't feel the fans blowing! And I sported my bathing suit most of today. K and I hit up the pool TWICE just to be out of our sauna apartment. The water felt amazing. 

My camera is broken (!?!?!) so we are using our cell phones for pics. AW! Need a new one...now!!! 

I forgot to announce that I am enrolled in a Wilton cake decorating class! The first course is every Saturday from 2-4pm in August. It's 40% off that month, so I only have to pay $27! Hooray! I AM SO EXCITED, I can't even put to words. Hopefully we'll be able to afford to do all four courses. Keep ya updated...

Enough talk, here's some pics! (Cell phone pics that is. haha.)

Kristie's outfit today. 
(She has to wear a diaper cover, otherwise she'll take off her diaper!)

Playing in her pool on our porch yesterday. (We went to the real pool both times today.)

Kristie took Jason's laser pointer and figured out how to use it! She'd press the button over and over again and watch it move around the room. Amazing! We thought she looked like a little kid while she was doing this...so weird! I just don't get how she figured that out?! (You can see the pointer blinking in her hand here...)

New kicks and a new skirt. Both found at a consignment shop for super cheap!
$6 used Skechers? Awesome! These were even in the box still and looked brand new. Love it.

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Conger's said...

I have to do the same thing with my girls when it is hot too... they are also really good at taking their diapers.