Sunday, April 27, 2008

New tummy pic for this month

34 Weeks (35 tomorrow!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Washington Trip

Jason had two interviews at Accounting firms in Everett, and I had a baby shower - so we headed to Washington for a week! We had such a good time!! We got to do a lot of things, and see a lot of friends & family.
We were flying out Salt Lake so Jason and I drove to Dustin and Camilla's in Utah and stayed the night so we could just drive like 10 minutes to the airport the next morning. It was nice! I got some Thomas time in which is always fun. We don't see enough of our nephew! I love this kid!

Thomas and I playin' with his train set.
Reading bed time stories together!

First night in Washington we went to a Mariner's game! It was raining while we were walking from the parking lot to the stadium, peanut vendors were yelling, music was playing - I couldn't help but say "Man I love Seattle." Haha. We went with Aaron Shurtz and his girlfriend Kaci, and Devin met up with us there. Our seats were five rows up from the ground so it was quite the view! They lost the game, but we still had a blast.

Jason and I at the game.
Good ol' Ichiro!

Devin and I at the game.
Day two was the baby shower! My best friend Katie threw it for me and it was wonderful! We had a really good turn out and it was fun to see all the gals that came! Kristie got a lot of really cute stuff and I can't wait to see it all on her! It became more real to me then that one, this baby is really on her way (!!) and two, that Janelle and Ada are going to be the cutest grandma's ever.

The shower cake!

Katie and I at the shower

It was so nice to be around family! This was their first time seeing me with a belly.

Dev & I at Dad and Ada's house

Showing him how Kristie moves around.

Jason and little brother Blake (now 2 yrs old) playin' the Wii together. They are so cute!

Thursday Laura Thompson came and picked me up and we spent a day together in Seattle! It was such a blast. We haven't hung out in like two years, so it was great. She had all these plans for us - it was awesome. We went to brunch at "Crave", a cute little breakfast/lunch cafe in Seattle and I had the most amazing breakfast EVER. I can't remember what it was called, but it included a german style pancake with baked apples on top, powdered sugar and maple syrup. Awwww, Kristie and I were in heaven. We then went to a few adorable baby boutiques where Laura bought me and absolutely adorable summer dress for Kristie, complete with little spankie pants and hat. Laura then showed me her way cute apartment, we walked to Pike Place, had gelato ice cream at "The Chocolate Box" then took my first taxi ride back to her apartment. What a fun day! All the while, Jason had his first interview at Haskel Seahome (sp?) that went super well!

Laura and I!

Next day was Jason's second interview with Moss Adams. He was there for about 2 and a half hours! He interviewed with four separate people and all went really well. They're going to fly him out in the fall for another formal interview for the internship starting in January I believe. Seems like he made a good impression, and this is the company he really wants to work for. While he was there, Devin and his girlfriend Leslie took me out to get my first pedicure! It was absolutely HEAVEN. The chair was massaging my back, while the gal was rubbing my feet and legs, and gave me a cute nail job. I just about cried I was so happy. This pregnant girl definitely needed that.

Next day we had planned on a barbeque with my family....and of course it randomly snowed! I of course was crazy annoyed, considering how Rexburg makes you sick of snow. But we barbequed anyway and had fun!!

My cute dad barbequing

Snow, in April, on our vacation away from cold Rexburg?! No thanks.

Last day was a trip to the Tulip Fields! Once again, not the greatest weather...but we still had fun! Later that night we went out to dinner with some friends at the Macaroni Grill. We had an hour and a half wait so we lost a couple of people in our group - they had to jam. So we ended up having dinner with Jeremy & Christal and Aimee & Steve Hall with their daughter Jilly. It was great!

This was when the rain and hail stopped for a minute!

I think the person I miss the most is Blake. We stayed at Jason's family's house while we were there, so we got to spend a lot of time with Blake while everyone else was at school. One of the days I cut his hair! He sat on Janelle's lap while I cut. It was scary, that was the first toddler cut I've ever done...I'm just used to cutting Jason's hair. But it turned out pretty well! Another day,
Jason and I took Blake out to the mall while Janelle went to lunch with some gals for her birthday. It was so fun! He was so well behaved, and he totally pulled off as our son. Haha. We were a cute little family for a few hours. I just loved how attached he was to us! We hardly get to see him so he always has to get used to us each time. During the trip though, he'd follow us around the house and want to play, or take our hands and pull us to where he wanted to go. My goodness, he's such a cutie. The last time we were together, he pointed to my stomach and said "Baby!" (he was doing that during the cute!) I said "Give her a kiss!" and without hesitation he kissed my belly. I just about cried. I wish we could've taken him home with us. =)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Conference Weekend

Aw, how nice it was. We drove to Utah - thankfully just a 3 1/2 hour drive - and met up with Jason's family, who drove up from Washington. It was so nice to see them! Jason's dad had tickets for Saturday morning, Priesthood session and Sunday afternoon. We stayed with Dustin & Camilla at her parent's house in Stansbury Park. Somehow we always end up at that house when we go to Utah, and we love it. It's a wonderful little town and a wonderful little house. Thomas (Dustin and Camilla's boy) has grown up SO much! He's going to be two years old next month and we can't get over how big he's gotten. Same for Blake, Jason's youngest brother, who just turned two last month. They are both talking and saying so many words! It was so entertaining! Jason and I have been wanting to see those two meet and play together ever since they were born and they finally did that weekend!! While we went to conference with J's family, Dustin & Camilla watched Blake. It was such a riot seeing them play together! Sunday night after conference, we all had dinner over at the Parson's (Camilla's parents) and were entertained by Blake and Thomas playing together. I could've sat there and watched them play all day.

Another highlight for me was talking with Janelle, Jason's mom. She is just the sweetest and I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful mother in law! We chatted during Priesthood session about Kristie being born, the delivery, pregnancy and things of all sorts. I'm so glad she's going to be there for all of it! She even let me know that she'd like to help out with Kristie after she's born and stay with us for a week or so. I was SO glad she asked because I've been wanting to ask her if she could stay and help! I'll definitely need a mother figure around.

After Sunday afternoon session, we went and visited my mom's gravesite. She is buried in the Salt Lake Cemetary, and I always make it a point to go there if we're ever in town. Dad sent Dustin some money so we could plant new flowers for her - it had been exactly 10 years as of April 2nd that she passed away, so we wanted to do something special. It turned out that Dustin & Camilla had to plant them without me so I could make the afternoon session with the Duces. But as long as I got to go visit, it was ok. It was so different this time, being pregnant. In my head I was saying "Here's your granddaughter Mom - I hope she's like you in every possible way."

And of course, the best highlight of the weekend was Conference itself. I'm so grateful we were able to attend some sessions in the conference center. I was really touched by the spirit there and was reassured that I really am a part of a true and amazing gospel. Jason and both feel that President Monson really is going to be a wonderful prophet, and already is. I had to keep reminding myself after President Hinckley passed away that Monson was the new prophet. But after his closing talk in the Sunday afternoon session, we both new he was was it - he really is going to be amazing!

Mom's newly planted flowers. (Dustin & Camilla had to do this with Thomas and Blake! Must've been a sight to see!)



Blake and Thomas, together!!

The boys jumping on Dustin

Sharing my peach cobber with Blake

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New hair color!

I got my hair colored yesterday. It's fun having it darker brown again! And getting my head massaged while the stylist was washing it was ammmmaaazing - I could've cried. They do longer head massages at Paul Mitchell Academy, where I get my hair done. Speaking of massages, I really want to get a pregnancy massage. Oh goodness, do I need it! I'm starting to get a little achy and stiff, but my back is killing me the most.

And this is a shirt I'm dying to have. =)