Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Outfit...

...from my Aunt Janet! She's finally fitting in 3-6 month clothes! (And she's 6 months old next weekend! haha.)

(In a freshly made bow I did just for this outfit!)


It wasn't with our families, but it was still fun! We opted not to drive all the way home since we're doing that drive in just a couple weeks when we move (!!!) so we stayed here in Rexburg. We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Hebers! We each made food and man did we have a feast! We were pretty proud of pulling it off by ourselves for the first time. Jenna made the rolls, a casserole, baked beans (by Drew), mashed potatoes and pies. I made the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and yams. It was all deee-lish!
Here's some pictures from that day - we really need to work on taking pictures of Jason & I!

Here's our feast of food!

Kristie, eating her feast of rice cereal. =)

Brooklyn doing her cheesy smile!

Kristie posin' on the couch.

Kristie & Brooklyn playing together!

Are these two cute or what?!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Duces Go Elf!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Here's one Dallin made of me and my brothers! Hilarious! (Copy & paste into your browser.)

Couple new videos

Eating thicker rice cereal. She's so cute...she leans forward with her mouth wide open when she sees the bowl & the spoon.

Sitting! She's getting really good at it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Girls Night

Tonight Julia & Farrah came over with their daughters Hannah & Jaida for another bow making night. Goodness sakes it's so fun to get the baby girls together! Jaida is just a couple weeks younger than Kristie! She's frowning in this picture, but she warmed up to everyone and broke out of her shell after a little while. =) She's so silly. This is definitely one thing I will miss dearly when we move away from Rexburg...mommy friends. 

Kristie & Jaida

Hannah & Kristie 

Kristie in a new bow.

My naked baby!! This was on the way to her room from to the bath tub. Look at that belly & those buns!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rice Cereal

Well Kristie tried rice cereal last night! I think it was a good first start! She probably dribbled more down her chin than she swallowed, but at least she experienced it. =) It's supposed to be pretty liquid-y the first go-round, so we're excited for when it'll be thicker! We had my camera propped up on the table (that's the video you get to see) and Jason video-ing with the real video camera so all eyes were on her. It was hilarious 'cause she kept trying to grab the spoon at first. Then she start talking while I was putting it in her mouth. She was probably thinking it was a toy. haha.

This was earlier in the day...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Got on the Mac train

Jason randomly received a $1000 scholarship yesterday, so we invested in a MacBook!! His previous one (his dad's old lap top 'cause Jason's old one had died) just died a week or two ago. (So we went through two Dells!) My whole fam has been converted to Apples so we finally joined in! How did we live without one?! iChat anyone? =)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kristie Noises

K, here's two videos of funny noises Kristie makes! (Probably want to turn off the's at the bottom of the page.)

The first one is her making more of a "talking" noise! She moves her mouth up and down like she's talking, and then every once in awhile throws in a sound or two. It's so cute! Lots of the time (not on this vid) it sounds like she's saying "Da da da da..." It's so cute. I'm kind of sad though, 'cause her first word, when the time comes, will probably be "Dada." So now I'm saying "Ma ma ma ma" around her a lot. Haha. It's funny too, 'cause she only "talks" like this when she's standing up.

This one is Kristie at the hotel we stayed at for Darrin's wedding. She makes this funny noise with her paci and it was the first time I was able to catch it on video. Just cracks me up!!

Darrin & Anna's Wedding!

Well, Darrin's married now! Everything was absolutely gorgeous. The sealing was especially beautiful and definitely the best part of the day. Kristie made it through another trip! I felt so bad for her...we were so busy the whole time, she hardly napped at all. And when she did, they were quick 15/30 minute ones. Poor thing!! She's recovered and is back to her lovely naps again. =) Also, she got passed around to soooo many people & so much family that I can't believe she didn't totally lose it! She was just so chill and happy. Thanks for making traveling easy on us Kristie! Here's a couple pictures from the big day! For all the pictures, check it out here:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Julia & Trina came over today with their cute girls Melanie & Hannah. We made bows & leg warmers and ate grapes & strawberries with the best fruit dip in the world. We had SUCH a girly time and I had SO much fun. There are a couple cute pics of Melanie & Kristie below. =) They are just a week apart! We didn't get a picture with Hannah, she was nappin'. Next time for sure!

Tomorrow we are headed off to Utah for Darrin's wedding. That's on Saturday, and Grandpa Frank is having a birthday celebration tomorrow night which will be fun. Can't wait!!!

Here's some pictures from today - not very good lighting, but you can see her cute fuzzy blonde hair! =)

This is what I get to stay home and play with every single day!

This smile just melts my heart. It also comes with cute coos and giggles. Absolute heaven.

With her friend Melanie! (Trina's super cute daughter!)

Kristie was talking to her! It was TOO cute.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Guess Who's 5 Months Old Today?!

Can't believe she's 5 months now! Kristie has mastered rolling over, (from her tummy to her back, not from her back to her tummy yet...) she's starting to sit on her own, not yet teething but anything you put in her hands goes straight to her mouth to chew & suck on, and she's sleeping through the night consistently. (I'm a HUGE fan of the last one.) She loves to jabber and giggle! She's also going through this shy stage...the second we step out of the house, she goes quiet and doesn't smile when other people are around. Hopefully that won't last long! It's kind of cute though, she'll dig her head into my chest to hide from people. Anyway, what a sweet little girl we have! We love you! (These were taken today.)

She's a toe sucker now. =)

Lady In Yellow

I finished Kristie's dress for my brother Darrin's wedding this weekend! We tried it on her last night and I think it looks pretty darn cute. It's not very functionable for a 5 month old, but atleast she'll be darling for the wedding! =) (It'll be a lot easier for her to wear when she's walking and stuff.) She'll also have a matching headband to go with. Hooray!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Growing up

Kristie-cakes is starting to sit on her own! She can only do it for a minute or two before leaning all the way forward and folding herself in half. =) Or she'll fall to the side. But it's definitely a start!

Watching Finding Nemo with Daddy.

Here's a video of Kristie watching Finding Nemo with Jason. It was on the projector, so it was all huge and colorful...I couldn't resist letting her watch. She was just so into it and all smiley & was so cute! (I only let her watch it for like 15 minutes though.) I had to hide in the kitchen to video her so she wouldn't see the camera!

Here's part of Kristie's laugh! Still haven't gotten the full deal on camera...but this is still cute.

And here she is in the jump-up. Sometimes I make it higher so her feet don't touch the ground and swing her around...she loves it. What a cutie.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kristie's 1st Halloween

I think my most favorite part of the day was when Kristie & I were dancing around to Halloween songs together while waiting for Jason to come home from work. Our favorite one to dance to was the Monster Mash. That song brings back memories from my side of the fam, so it was fun to think about making memories together with Kristie now and the rest of our family in the future. Aw! Kristie is so much fun to play with...while we were dancing around, she'd just look up at me and laugh or smile...LOVE that! After Jason got home, we got ready to go to a Halloween party at a friends house. Trick or treating wasn't on the menu this it'll be fun when Kristie's old enough to go! Looks like Kristie's ladybug days are over. =)

This was getting ready to visit Melaleuca, where I used to work, the day before. They have a day where the employee's kids can come walk through the call center and trick or treat. (She likes to stand on her floor gym now. haha.)

With the HR closest friends I worked with! (Macie, Tayla & Betsy - their theme was Peter Pan.)
At the Hallween party last night! J & I were bug catchers. =) I made bug catcher nets - we couldn't find any cool safari type hats to wear! (Kristie is SO shy when we're in public and around other people all of a sudden. It's wierd!)

Kristie & Daddy - there's his net!

Kristie & Brooklyn. She totally looks like she's punching her. Don't worry, they're good friends. =)

Hooray! (Can't see my cool net. haha.)