Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Guess Who's 5 Months Old Today?!

Can't believe she's 5 months now! Kristie has mastered rolling over, (from her tummy to her back, not from her back to her tummy yet...) she's starting to sit on her own, not yet teething but anything you put in her hands goes straight to her mouth to chew & suck on, and she's sleeping through the night consistently. (I'm a HUGE fan of the last one.) She loves to jabber and giggle! She's also going through this shy stage...the second we step out of the house, she goes quiet and doesn't smile when other people are around. Hopefully that won't last long! It's kind of cute though, she'll dig her head into my chest to hide from people. Anyway, what a sweet little girl we have! We love you! (These were taken today.)

She's a toe sucker now. =)


Kali said...

Hahaha I love that she's chewing her toe in the last one. She is so flexible!
And she's wearing my favorite shirt in all the others :)

Julie said...

your daughter is so adorable Candace!

Brandon and Katie said...

She's so dang cute.