Thursday, November 13, 2008

Got on the Mac train

Jason randomly received a $1000 scholarship yesterday, so we invested in a MacBook!! His previous one (his dad's old lap top 'cause Jason's old one had died) just died a week or two ago. (So we went through two Dells!) My whole fam has been converted to Apples so we finally joined in! How did we live without one?! iChat anyone? =)


Benson Family said...

We hopped on board about a year ago with an iMac, we LOVE it!

Mackenzie said...

Will and Kristie can be baby!Mac fans. :)

Jenna and Drew said...

I think Kristie is totally ready for school! Yay for new computers!!!

Kali said...

He "randomly" got this scholarship?

Dude, I wish someone would randomly give me money! Lol!

You won't regret having a mac! They're very reliable.