Sunday, November 2, 2008

Growing up

Kristie-cakes is starting to sit on her own! She can only do it for a minute or two before leaning all the way forward and folding herself in half. =) Or she'll fall to the side. But it's definitely a start!

Watching Finding Nemo with Daddy.

Here's a video of Kristie watching Finding Nemo with Jason. It was on the projector, so it was all huge and colorful...I couldn't resist letting her watch. She was just so into it and all smiley & was so cute! (I only let her watch it for like 15 minutes though.) I had to hide in the kitchen to video her so she wouldn't see the camera!

Here's part of Kristie's laugh! Still haven't gotten the full deal on camera...but this is still cute.

And here she is in the jump-up. Sometimes I make it higher so her feet don't touch the ground and swing her around...she loves it. What a cutie.


Kali said...

Aw cuteness! It's probably good that you don't let her watch too much of movies. But she sure was havin' a good time! What a cutie.

It's not letting me watch the last video for some reason! Maybe I'll try again later.

emilie s. d. p. said...

I love the first few pics. She looks so adorable. I just love baby bodies, especially their bellies.

Brandon and Katie said...

Aw I loves it....remember when I used to sit on the floor in the baby room and launch Alex into the hallway with the jump up. He loved it!! Ha, it's a wonder people trust me with their children. She's getting so so big I can't take it!

Julie said...

candace Kristie is the cutest, I love her's so cute, and I can't believe how big she's getting.