Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Future Gymnast?

All of a sudden she loves trying to do the splits - I don't know where she learned this from but it's so cute! Now she gets even closer, I'm going to have to take a picture...

Then she thinks it's pretty funny when she falls. haha!

My goodness, I love this girl.

Cutest feet on the planet

Mackenzie & Will got her these for her birthday, so cute! I will never ever get over her cute toesies!

These are the DCs Dev & Les got her. Now Dev has a DC pal. =)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kristie's 2nd Birthday!

Saturday, June 5th, was Kristie's 2nd birthday. Can you believe that? All day long I kept thinking about what she looked like at the hospital, exactly two years ago. What she sounded like, what little faces she'd make. Now she's grown into this energetic little toddler that just gets cuter and cuter. I keep thinking how blessed I am to have such a fun, sweet daughter that I can't get enough of. These past two years have flown by Kristie! We love you!

Her birthday party was absolutely wonderful and just how I imagined it! We planned it to be outside at Harborview park, just down the street from where we live. It has an amazing view of the Puget Sound that I never get tired of. We were getting nervous because it had been raining for at least a week straight. Friday it poured....Saturday it was sunny and 70 degrees!!!!! Then Sunday it poured again. How lucky are we?! I just couldn't get over it. So we had the lovely sunny day we'd hoped for. And pretty much everyone we invited came, so we had a good sized crowd to celebrate and hang out with! It was great, since it was at the park which is huge and open, we could spread out, play wiffle ball, sit, talk, let the kids run was perfect! We got Kristie a slide (that fits perfectly on our apt porch!) that I found on craigslist. She got lots of other lovely presents from our friends and family who are so insanely sweet! All in all, it was a perfect party! Jason and I left absolutely beaming and Kristie just had a blast!

Ready for her entourage to arrive. =)

I had sooo much fun with this cake. I took color inspiration from the invitation and went nuts from there.

Brock, Blake and Kristie playing with the bubble gun.

Out came a wiffle ball game! (Blake, John, Carrie & Dev)

View of the I just love it there.
Aileen, Me & Leslie
Kristie just LOVES Karlie! I was talking to someone and turned around to notice her just chatting away and playing with Karlie. Soooo cute. (She's Brock's little sister.) Kristie much prefers girls than boys. haha.

Kali, Katie and nice to have all three of us in the same state again!

Probably her favorite present...she got Winnie the Pooh from Auntie Katie!! She won't go anywhere without it!

Handmade hat from her Aunt Anna!!

This was the only sad thing...she didn't get to blow out her candle, and I bet she would've done it this year! The breeze kept blowing it out. =( Oh well, she didn't seem to mind.
Dev & Leslie got Kristie her first pair of DCs!!

Brock, soaking wet from dunking his head under the water spout.
Alastair and Kristie.

Alastair and Will.
Fit the slide on the porch! She loves it!

John's Graduation

John's officially graduated from Kamiak High School. Brought back a lot of memories!

(That's John with his arms up.)

Jason couldn't come since he wasn't home from work yet.

Dave rounded up Kristie and Blake who were running around the seats. hehe.