Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day

On Memorial day, we went to see the new Shrek movie with Dad & Dev (Les & Ada were busy)...and Kristie loved it! She was completely sucked in, leaning back on Jason, slowly eating popcorn...it was SO cute! A definite first. She didn't get antsy 'til the very end, and it was nothing a pack of fruit snacks couldn't solve. =) After naptime, we shopped for some groceries, then met up at the beach with Dev, Les, Dad & Ada for a corn on the cob dinner. It was LOVELY! While we waited for the corn to cook we played good ol' wiffile ball while Kristie and Ada tossed sand on a log together. It was super cute. Such a nice day!

Kristie got scared from the ferry horn. haha.

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