Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We have ourselves a roller!

Kristie rolled over for the first time today!! She's been leaning to that side whenever she's on her tummy, and finally today she kept going! I like screamed when she did it, I was so surprised. And it was so the middle of doing it each time, she'd get whiney and have this terrified look on her face. Holy cow, stop growing up so fast please!!!

Here's a video of one of the times. She was going faster than this, but I guess she decided to be dramatic for the video. Haha.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Faces

"Soooo big!"

Maybe she's finally grown out of the 21 inches long range!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Simple joys

It was super windy yesterday so we went out to the campus fields to fly our kites! Jason spent the time trying to untie an insane knot in his kite, so we only got my octopus kite up. It was really nice outside too, so it just felt good to be out.

There's the octopus!

Haha, Kristie fell asleep.

*Sigh* A gorgeous sunset to end the night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Steamboat Rock w/the Duces

We did it! Kristie camped with us at Steamboat Rock for a whole week and did wonderful! We're so happy with how she did. She even slept better than she normally does! We had such a good time with Jason's family. Boating, playing on the beach, wakeboarding, rock jumping and just plain relaxing. And this was Jason's sibling's first time meeting Kristie, so that was also fun! We already miss being on vacation...

Kristie with Uncle Blake and Uncle John!

Jason wakeboarding.

Me wakeboarding.

Janelle & Blake on the boat.
Kristie in her hat and lifejacket. (The lifejacket used to be her Uncle Blake's!)

Janelle & Dave (Grandpa & Grandma Duce)

Blake giving Kristie her pacifier. He's such a good uncle!

In the water for the first time!! She was totally cool with it.


Chillin' on the beach.

Grandpa Duce & Kristie at the campsite.

Me & Becca in the water.

Kristie and Blake passed out on the boat.

Kristie with her napping buddy...Aunt Erin!

Playing in the water.

John, Me, Dave & Jason about to go rock jumping!

Jason jumping.

Here I go!!

One of the few times she was awake on the boat!

Blake, Kristie & I in the water.

Aunt Becca & Kristie.

Uncle Steve & Kristie.

Becca & Blake

What a good camper!

Blake playing with Kristie!

Blake playing in the tube. =)

Kristie talking. She had just been in the water and it was super hot, so she was just chilling in just a diaper. =)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some Cute Pics

Finally lifting her head up! She only does it for a minute or two, then gets lazy and just sucks her fist.

She likes her Bumbo!! She leans to the left so we stuck her lovey in there to hold her up.

This is Kristie sleeping in our bed this morning with Jason while I was getting ready for church. Aww! It takes a lot more effort to get her to go back to sleep after her 6am sometimes she'll just sleep with us for an hour or two. =)

Smile girl.

"Mommy's lil' cupcake"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Berry Cute

Too, too cute. She also has the peach shirt that says "I'm peachy." Aw. It's too big for her right now, so I can't wait 'til it fits. Go Old Navy!