Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Joel Wesley Duce

Well he came!! I was 41 weeks and 1 day, phew. Joel was born at 3:50 am Sunday March 6th and weighed 9 lbs 5 oz!! Where I fit a 9 pound baby I'll never know. =) We arrived at the hospital at 4:15 for a 4:30 induction on Saturday the 5th. When they first checked me before being induced I was at 3cm and 60% effaced - finally, I was starting to progress on my own! After getting everything ready & hooked up, doing blood tests and so on, they finally got the pitocin started at 8pm. At 10:30 I was given the epidural. By then I was having a steady pattern of contractions - nothing too painful, just the uncomfortable tight ones. At 11:50 they broke my water (and I was still at 3cm by then.) Jason and I slept from about 12:00-1:30am probably. At 2:50 my nurse checked me and I was a 4 and his head was way lower. Then I started to feel a lot of pressure down there with each contraction. At 3:15 the pressure was getting stronger, so she checked again and I was a 5. I was getting excited because it felt like Joel was getting closer and closer to coming. (And I remembered that this was how it felt when it was about time to push Kristie out.) Jason went to the bathroom and I remember thinking "Hurry Jason, I don't want you to miss this!" Haha. At 3:27 I was 10 cm and ready to push! My hands were shaking like crazy because I dilated so fast. And the doctor almost didn't make it in time! I felt like I was having to hold him in, he was coming so quick! At 3:35 I started pushing and 15 minutes later at 3:50, Joel was born! The pressure was really intense while I was pushing (more-so than with Kristie) but it was so quick! I can't tell you how amazing it was to bring another into the world with Jason at my side. Absolutely nothing like it. Joel is such a good baby and we're SO blessed to have TWO amazing kids!
Waiting to be induced!
Just seconds after being born.

Jason was so anxious to hold him, it was adorable! I breast fed him right away for awhile, so Jason asked "Is it my turn to hold him yet??"
It took Kristie awhile to acknowledge him at the hospital - but she got there!
First family of four picture! Kristie wasn't into it obviously, haha.
Love his little body. =)
And oh dear me, the toes...awww...
Dressed and ready to go home!

Look at all that hair! (Dark hair at that!)
Good to be home!
Joel's visitors in the hospital!

The last "Just Us" Days

Here pictures from the rest of our girls week before Joel arrived. =) We finished off by going shoe shopping for Kristie at Payless (the crazy mirror picture), going to the Children's Museum (I'll never do that 9 mos pregnant again, haha) and getting our nails done at the salon! We had sooo much fun and I'm so grateful for my Kristie! Just because Joel is here doesn't mean we can't have those girly times together still - just means I'm going to work extra hard to make them happen! =)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Joel's tummy movements

It was almost midnight a couple days ago, and I would've loved to be sleeping...but Joel had other plans. =) The top right of the screen should be an arm and the bottom left should be a leg. =)

Kriste's latest cute moments =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Induce Date

Alrighty here's the scoop, 40 weeks & 3 days today. I had my OB appt this morning and still no progress. =( So the date for induction is this Saturday the 5th (wow, it's going to be a MARCH baby!) when I'm 41 weeks. Guess that's when Dr. Nathan likes to induce, hmm. I was kinda aggravated about it at first, but it'll be nice to give Joel a chance to come on his own still. I have a feeling he won't, but worth a shot! And again, more last days alone with my Kristie. Monday we did McDonalds after an ultrasound and NST. Today we went to Kristie's favorite place, the library. =) Tomorrow we're going to the children's museum. (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. My body WILL hold up!)

Here's Kristie playing with another girl at the playplace in McDonalds yesterday. Of course, she's all over the computer and not as interested in the tubes and slides, haha! (She always runs to the computer first when we go to the library.)

Can't wait to see you Joel!