Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Poor Kristie got sick during church and threw up in nursery! We came home early and literally snuggled on the couch for EIGHT HOURS. Poor, poor girl. You know something's wrong when she wants to snuggle for that long. She'd either be on the pillow on my lap, or curled up on my chest. It was so sad, but so sweet. =) Long story short, she got better!

John's Court of Honor

Jason's brother John received his Eagle last weekend! Congratulations John!!!

The "Eagle's Nest" (Jason and Dave are in the back row.)

Keeping themselves entertained. haha.

Blake manning the cookie table!

Aw, Krissa & John. You're so cute.
Cheesy prom picture. =)
The fam.
Kristie LOVES running around the gym! Just like every kid - I guess it's just automatic to love the church gym!

Mommmmmm, would you hurry up??

Here's Kristie, keeping herself entertained in the bathroom while waiting for me to get ready. =) (Took these with my cell.)

Sometimes she'll just plop herself on her lamb and chill - so cute!
Then, she put her head between my legs, down on the floor and stayed there. Like she was giving up. Aw!

Sunglasses Stealer

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Picnic on the porch

Aw, we have such lovely weather nowadays. =) Kristie & I took advantage of it and had our lunch outside on the porch. Seriously, there was not a hint of coolness in the air! It was WONDERFUL! And Kristie just had a ball. She kept laughing at the cars, people, doggies, birdies & planes passing by...such a crack up!

She also had so much fun running in and out of the apartment.

Ridin' the day away

Finally took her little car outside! She only sat on it for about 5 minutes before she decided she goes too slow that way. (She needs to learn how to alternate her feet!) She to pushed it the rest of the way. =)

Katie, dearest...

I love when you get to come over to hang out. Kristie and I miss you, ALWAYS. I had so much fun teaching you some tricks of the trade! And as always, we laughed our tooties off. I love you!