Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mukilteo Beach Loveliness

Man, another sunny beautiful day on Friday, so we spent the afternoon at the beach! Dev & Les were able to meet us there and we had such a blast! First Kristie and I played around at the playground, walked along the water, then walked to the pier next to Ivar's and the ferry. Dev & Les met us there. Then we walked to Ivar's for lunch - Katie's mom, Karen, works there as a manager and gets me food for free! She's wonderful, in a nutshell. She came out and chatted with us for awhile then had to get back to work. We walked with our food back to the beach and ate a table there, enjoying the sun at the same time. (I LOVE fish and chips so much, it's ridiculous.) After that we hung around some more, throwing rocks in the water and blowing bubbles. Then it was an hour past Kristie's nap time, so we HAD to go. It was hard to leave, we could've chilled there all day. =)

On the pier.

Waiting for our food from Ivar's.

Karen (aka Ona) - SO cute!

Million dollars anyone? Some gals were passing out fake million dollar bills with an ad for their church on the back. haha.
She loved the train passing by.

Bubble time

Throwing rocks together. =)

A passing helicopter

I love these trees outside of our apartment. So pretty. =)

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