Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

The day started off with green piggy tails! I couldn't get over how cute they looked, so of course, we took a zillion pictures. Then we met up with Laura at Edmonds beach so we could walk around downtown. Dev & Les came as well! We walked up to the Edmonds Bakery and had pastries there. I honestly wish I could eat pastries at a bakery every single day of my life. Then we walked around the old town part which was super cute. Then hit up the Nama's Candy shop and bought a bunch of .15 cent flavored candy sticks. Yum. Then we went back to my place and had Spongebob mac n' cheese (simply DEE-lish) and mini apple pies that Laura made!

The cute Edmonds Bakery - all four walls were covered with cookie jars!! (I love the Cat in the Hat one!
All of us, wearing our green!

Kristie would so much rather push the stroller than be pushed. =)
And we passed by a dog sitting in the driver's seat of a car. Hilarious!
(Stole this pic from Laura, thanks!)

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