Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

Katie took our family pictures this year and did a lovely job! She did ours and I'm going to take some of her & her hubby. Turned out so fun! Thanks a million Katie!!

September's Tummy Pic

(This was two weeks ago.)
(August picture...)

The cutest pony tail on the planet

Introducing, Kristie's first pony tail!!!!

Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

I look forward to this every year - I just love where we live...even though we live in Everett, I still consider myself a Mukilteo-ite. =) First was the parade!

Ada's mom was in town!

Every person passing out candy came up to Kristie and gave her some! They must know her mom's a candy freak. =) On the way home she was workin' on a sucker and loooooved it. (I LOVE this smile!)
THEN after nap time we went to the hospital to meet Scott & Aileen's new baby, Tanner! He was born the day before and it was so neat to be able to visit him. Congrats again Browers!! He is adorable!!
Scott & Aileen =)
As you can see, Kristie loved him! She's so into new babies! Got me excited for our next one on the way!

THEN we went to the lighthouse festival fireworks at the beach! Kristie was terrified again. =) Poor baby! They were awesome, as usual!