Monday, September 6, 2010

Seattle & Part of the Torchlight Parade

We had planned to go see the Torchlight Parade in Seattle, but didn't get there in time to get we sat on one of the side roads where the sidewalk had be stay clear as a fire lane. So we had a semi-sweet view! Until the two cops in charge switched out and the new set lost control of the mob of people wanting to stand around. Oh well! So we headed back, but I always enjoy a walk in Seattle! Such a beautiful city. This was all after a delightful dinner at Dicks. =) =)

Mount Rainier in the middle of Quest Field! Beautiful. Took this from the bridge that connects to Pike Place.
In our spots for the parade. =)

A glimpse of Apollo Ohno! Woo! (Here's a visual of what I was talking about...those two cops kept people from sitting or standing in that we could see from the side street we were sitting on. haha.)
On a gorgeous walk back to the cars...I love Pike Place.

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