Monday, September 27, 2010

Duce Family Camp

Finally getting these pictures up! Every year we go camping with the Duces, and the past couple years have turned into camping out in a rental house on Crescent Bar. It's been fantastic!! So nice to get away, relax, boat, wake board, play on the beach and just have major family time. (Every one of us wake boards except for Kristie and Blake!) I was like counting down the hours to this trip, I needed a vacation so bad. =) It was a wonderful one!

Celebrating Dave's birthday! (We snuck the ultrasound picture into his b-day card, so that's how they found out!)

She looooved soaking her feet in the cool water off the back of the boat. =)
And she looooved driving fast in the boat.

The house we stay in. Just a short walk down to the beach. (Jason and Kristie to the right, walking up.)
Gorgeous here, isn't it?!

They were having so much fun together!

Getting some air!
Watching Daddy wake board.
Jumping off the back of the boat. =)

The Duce fam
Kristie and Grandpa coolin' off!
Yes, this is my snazzy "get-away-from-me-bugs!" outfit. The walk from the house down to the beach is just SWARMING with mosquitoes, and I was tired of being bit. =)
My hot husby. =)
So pretty! The house we stay in is second from the right.
John's incredible at jumping!
Me and my passed out baby!
I spy...

This picture just killllls me! That's a piece of the broken shade tent. Hahahaha.
The last night there, the power went out! (Which is fun 'cause the last night there last year, there was a big thunder/lightning storm!) So we got out the candles and Janelle popped out some glowsticks and we had a ball!

I got a zillion crazy pictures with the glowsticks, but I'll just post a couple. =) (This was a chain of glowsticks.)
"Erin" !!!
John was just cracking up Kristie like crazy!

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