Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jetty Island, for the last time.

One morning earlier this month, I made an impulse decision to go to Jetty Island because it was a beautiful day outside! I figured it'd be one of the last warm days we'd have. I called Kali to see if she wanted to come, and came like 15 minutes later and we were off! Turns out, it was the last weekend Jetty Island would be open anyway! It was perfect. (Not to mention the weather.) And we got on a boat almost right away - it was amazing...normally you're lucky to get on. Kali had never been there before and we, as always, had sooooo much fun. We laugh over everything together just like we did back in middle school. I'm SO glad she's back in Washington again. =)

My best friend, Kali. Isn't she gorgeous?
Nice face, Kristie! lol.
Kristie loves playing with her Auntie Kali.

Sooooo relaxing...we moved our chairs out to the shallow warm water to sit, read and eat dried mangoes...it was wonderful. =)

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