Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Share the wealth

Any advice on dealing with a really yucky cough for a baby? Poor Kristie...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

For Kicks & Giggles

(Excuse the blurriness...)

Have to throw in a picture of her cute feet. =)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Day at the Aquarium

It was almost 60 degrees today and we spent it in lovely Seattle at the Aquarium! It's so fun to take Kristie to these things.

Touching a spiky thing that grabs your fingers!

Kristie made friends with the octopus.

Watching the fishies!

Watching the jelly fish!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chopped Hair!

I finally did it! Jessica Solberg Meyer did such a fabulous job!! I'll be going back there frequently to have her continue doing it...I just LOVE it. I can't feel my hair on my neck, I can pull it behind my ears and just not worry about it all day. Hooray! 

Finished Product!

The frozen cubes.

The finished product! These are the sweet potatoes...turned out so smooth and perfect, just like store bought baby food!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adventures In Baby Food Making

I decided I'm going to start making Kristie's baby food to save some moolah and lets face it, for fun. Turns out it's SO much cheaper to make it yourself than to buy it at the store. Kristie goes through the baby food containers sooo fast, so it really adds up. Eeek. Here's a link to a page that shows you a chart of how you save money.  ...Kind of interesting!

With making it on your own, you bake the fruit/vegetable and puree it. Then you freeze them in ice cube trays! When you want to feed your kiddo, you just pop some cubes out and heat it up! How fun is that? =) You can also pop them out and store them in bags in the freezer and label them all. Pictured below is what I'm making so far...squash, carrots, peaches, avocado, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes and apples. YUM! 

Scoopin' out seeds.
This was my first time using squash, so I had fun.  =)
These are the peaches. They turned out SO delicious. Baking them really brings out the flavor.
And here's Kristie just being her cute self. =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

I miss you Daddy!!

This was Kristie's reaction when I told her daddy's not going to be home until Friday. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a V-Day!

Valentines Day started with Kristie's breathing in my ear as I was sleeping. I woke up to find her sitting there next to me on the bed with Jason. She was holding a little red box, wrapped up and tied with a bow. I wish I had the camera on was pretty much the cutest, sweetest thing I had ever seen. Jason said "Happy Valentines Day!" I opened the box and it was a new wedding band!! [Long story short - Jason lost my wedding ring last summer in the lake at Steamboat Rock. He found the same exact Tiffany engagement ring I had on eBay (!!!) for half the amount of it's retail price! He got it for me and I was sure a happy camper to have that back in my hot little hands again. Only I was still missing the other half, the wedding band. We had to hold off on that until we had some more moolah.] So there it was, the perfect present. Can't describe how happy I am with it! I later gave Jason his present before we ate breakfast. (A new nice shirt for work and the Rush Hour 3 DVD.) Breakfast was GIANT Rhodes cinnamon rolls. Holy cow, were those heaven. After Kristie's naps, we left the house for Seattle! We wanted to give her a night on the town. =) It was absolutely lovely! We walked down Pike Place Market. Then from there, walked up to the Cheesecake Factory. It was even pretty nice outside! Gorgeous sunset, not too cold...absolutely gorgeous. There was a long wait at the restaurant so we strolled over to Old Navy and got Kristie a cute outfit on sale. Then walked across the street to Tiffany's (!!!) and had my ring cleaned. We headed back for dinner, where we waited some more and finally got seated. Kristie was SUCH a trooper and brought a lot of smiles to all the other people waiting around us. Dinner was also lovely. We got cheesecake to go and headed home. The funny part was, it was a couple hours past Kristie's bedtime, and for some reason in the car on the way home, she wasn't fussy...she was laughing hysterically! Every little thing I did, she'd bust up laughing!  I couldn't think of a better day to celebrate with my little family! 

Pike Place!

Before we left the house. Such a cutie!

The world famous Pike Place fish mongers! Kristie must've been like, "What the heck are they doing??"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

iChat Fun

What would we do without our macs?!

Don't worry, his face gets better. =) 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

John's Birthday

John's birthday was today! (Jason's bro.) I made him a race car cake and had such a ball with it! I used my Betty Crocker Bake n' Fill so it had some cool layering in it. I haven't decorated a cake in forever so it was a blast! I found a picture of this cake online and basically went off of that. Turned out pretty cool! Happy Birthday John!!

My favorite part is the grass. =) I didn't have the right frosting tip for it, so I just used a star tip and did a little curl.

Revealing the cake!

Birthday boy.

I'm pretty sure Kristie was not a fan of the string under her chin. =) Plus she's a little sick. Poor babe!

Dave, Becca & John

Weeooo, party hats!

The inside. Funfetti cake, funfetti frosting and chocolate cake. Mmmm.

Kristie and Blake chilling after the party. =)

Here's a quick video! He thought I was taking a picture in the beginning. hehe.