Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a V-Day!

Valentines Day started with Kristie's breathing in my ear as I was sleeping. I woke up to find her sitting there next to me on the bed with Jason. She was holding a little red box, wrapped up and tied with a bow. I wish I had the camera on was pretty much the cutest, sweetest thing I had ever seen. Jason said "Happy Valentines Day!" I opened the box and it was a new wedding band!! [Long story short - Jason lost my wedding ring last summer in the lake at Steamboat Rock. He found the same exact Tiffany engagement ring I had on eBay (!!!) for half the amount of it's retail price! He got it for me and I was sure a happy camper to have that back in my hot little hands again. Only I was still missing the other half, the wedding band. We had to hold off on that until we had some more moolah.] So there it was, the perfect present. Can't describe how happy I am with it! I later gave Jason his present before we ate breakfast. (A new nice shirt for work and the Rush Hour 3 DVD.) Breakfast was GIANT Rhodes cinnamon rolls. Holy cow, were those heaven. After Kristie's naps, we left the house for Seattle! We wanted to give her a night on the town. =) It was absolutely lovely! We walked down Pike Place Market. Then from there, walked up to the Cheesecake Factory. It was even pretty nice outside! Gorgeous sunset, not too cold...absolutely gorgeous. There was a long wait at the restaurant so we strolled over to Old Navy and got Kristie a cute outfit on sale. Then walked across the street to Tiffany's (!!!) and had my ring cleaned. We headed back for dinner, where we waited some more and finally got seated. Kristie was SUCH a trooper and brought a lot of smiles to all the other people waiting around us. Dinner was also lovely. We got cheesecake to go and headed home. The funny part was, it was a couple hours past Kristie's bedtime, and for some reason in the car on the way home, she wasn't fussy...she was laughing hysterically! Every little thing I did, she'd bust up laughing!  I couldn't think of a better day to celebrate with my little family! 

Pike Place!

Before we left the house. Such a cutie!

The world famous Pike Place fish mongers! Kristie must've been like, "What the heck are they doing??"


Megan Jacobsen said...

you guys are so cute! you have such an adorable husband and baby!

Kali said...

What a cute way to give you your present :) Happy Valentine's Day!

The Monk Family said...

How fun! I miss Washington so much! I like Idaho, but Washington will always be home. Miss you tons!

Bri said...

what a great Vday! I am so happy you got a new ring.