Sunday, February 8, 2009

John's Birthday

John's birthday was today! (Jason's bro.) I made him a race car cake and had such a ball with it! I used my Betty Crocker Bake n' Fill so it had some cool layering in it. I haven't decorated a cake in forever so it was a blast! I found a picture of this cake online and basically went off of that. Turned out pretty cool! Happy Birthday John!!

My favorite part is the grass. =) I didn't have the right frosting tip for it, so I just used a star tip and did a little curl.

Revealing the cake!

Birthday boy.

I'm pretty sure Kristie was not a fan of the string under her chin. =) Plus she's a little sick. Poor babe!

Dave, Becca & John

Weeooo, party hats!

The inside. Funfetti cake, funfetti frosting and chocolate cake. Mmmm.

Kristie and Blake chilling after the party. =)

Here's a quick video! He thought I was taking a picture in the beginning. hehe.


~Aimee~ said...

The cake looks awesome!! Way to go Candace! I'm sorry to hear Kristie is sick. It's probably all my fault for letting Jilly climb and cough all over her carseat. I hope she gets better fast!!

emilie s. d. p. said...

That cake is amazing! How did you get the black and white checkers to turn out so perfectly? Sometime you'll have to show me how.

emilie s. d. p. said...

By the way, we should get together for lunch sometime.

Sam and Tayla said...

How many talents do you have? Can't you share? That cake looks amazing! So clever...