Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What a day

Ok so it wasn't anything crazy or insanely exciting, but it was busy and fun!

Jason left for Georgia at 5:30 this morning for a business trip! Pretty darn exciting, but hello...I miss him like crazy! He's doing an audit in Marietta and staying at a nice hotel in Atlanta. He'll be back late Friday night and I already can't wait! I'm just so proud of him - having this big job in accounting and already being sent out on business trips. Hopefully there won't be too many of them though. I was hoping he wouldn't have to travel too much with this job. In a few weeks he'll be in Wenatchee for a week! EEEK. =)

Anyway, 9:30am Kristie had an appointment for a flu shot in Everett. So we headed over there and got that taken care of. Next stop was the Snohomish County Campus to sign off on a few papers to get our Washington license plates. (Weoo! We are no longer potato people.) We had park down the street from it and it was actually quite pleasant outside! So I put Kristie in the stroller and we had a nice walk on the way! I was in such a good mood. I couldn't believe how well Kristie did with this and the shot appointment because it was all during her morning naptime! 

We came home, ate, vacuumed and did the dishes. (I've been putting off vacuuming for awhile so I was proud of myself for doing so.) Kristie took a long nap. YES. Then after she woke up, we were out again! I've been dying to stop by Kindercare to say hi to the people and kids I used to work with, that are still there. So we went and it was so fun! It was fun to come back there (after 3 years) with my own kid. I had so much fun chatting and seeing the kids that were still there and SOOOO grown up. Absolutely couldn't believe it. Especially seeing kids that were babies last time I was there. HOLY cow. 

THEN Kristie and I went to the Mukilteo library. Aw, I love it there. In the kids section, there's a basket full of board books for babies! So great 'cause we can check out a few books, giving us a break from the books we have at home, and just keep switching them out for new ones! Love it! Gives Kristie more of a variety of books to read. Gotta keep her on her toes. =) She helped me pick out a book as well. I love going to the fiction section, and just picking out a random book that looks interesting to read. So fun.

Then, we stopped at McDonalds where I got a mini meal for myself and I had EXACT change. It was so great. Especially since I usually don't have any change. On our way home we stopped at my dad's place to pick up something we left there and then we went HOME! 

We ate dinner together. I fed Kristie her squash & pears while feeding myself a McChicken sandwich & fries while we listened to Dido & KT Tunstall. (Haha, quite a contrast in our food choices.) Then we played together until it was time for her bath and bedtime. 

What a day! I love my daughter. (And I can't wait for the husby to come back home!)

Here she was during our dinner. (From my cell phone so it's not so great.) =)


Kali said...

"We are no longer potato people," LOL! Now if only Chris and I were no longer corn people...

~Aimee~ said...

Hehehe. Sounds like you had a busy but full day. :-) Glad Kristie did well with her shot. Jilly usually does well, just sleeps extra when she gets them. :-)