Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lil' lady in red

Trying out the coat Auntie Kali got her for Christmas. Still a little big, but so darn cute!

Here's a video I took right after the pictures. Jason was sitting behind his lap top and Kristie was peeking around to see him! It was SO cute! That's the first time we've ever seen her do that! Just the fact that she understands that if she's peeks around she can see him...such a small thing, but so big! What a smart little silly goose. =) 


Kali said...

YAY!! Too bad it's still too big. Like I keep saying, I just hope the weather is still cold by the time she grows into it, otherwise she might never get to really wear it.

I remember when I bought it, it was a size bigger than you said, but I was like... seriously, there's no way she's any smaller than this. And it's huge on her! Lol. At least it gives me a little perspective on how small she really is.

That's so cool that she learned to peek around things to see you guys!

Julie said...

It is so is definitley a color for Kristie. Very cute!