Thursday, January 22, 2009

Visiting "Ona" (Katie's mom) working at Ivars! She took her right behind the counter! It was so cute. We ate lunch and had a good chat. Boy do I love her!

I just can't believe how much Kristie is growing up. Although she's not very mobile yet, she does other little things that just remind me that she's not a little baby anymore. For one, she anticipates things now! Like when I'm tickling her... she sees my hands coming at her again, and before I even tickle her she starts to crack up - or tucks her head into her chest, closes her eyes and squeals! It's so hilarious. She's also starting to put her hands up towards you if she sees you're going to pick her up, or leans toward who she wants to hold her. Woah! These little things seem SO big to us, it's crazy. 


Kali said...

I'm glad Jason is enjoying work so far! I never heard if my dad did any of the training or not... did Jason ever see him? He works in the Seattle office, though, and I think Jason works in the Everett one, right?
In any case, big congrats to Jason!! Work stinks. Especially when you have an adorable little girl at home, it's got to be really tough to leave that every morning and work all day. So if he's enjoying it, then good for him! Tell him congrats from me!

Mackenzie said...

I'm glad Jason's enjoying his job!