Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are these cute kids or what?!

These are a compilation of pictures Char and Kenz took with their cameras - I was a doof and forgot mine. Anyway, we finally got our kids together! Just so fun 'cause the three of us grew up together and all three of us had kids at the same time. Colton and Kristie were born on the same day (!!!) and Will was just born a couple weeks after. Now as soon as Char moves back here to WA (she was just here visiting for Christmas), they can all grow up together! (Wink, wink Char. haha.) We just had a blast being together! Mackenzie and Will introduced Kristie and Colton to Cheerios - that was quite eventful! And of course, Kristie was too shy to smile so excuse her seriousness. =) Enjoy! (Colton in the middle, Will on the right.)

(Look at how much more hair he has! Kristie's a little behind in that department.)

(So funny...Kristie and Colton just staring at Will crying.)
(They kept touching each other's faces! Such a crack up.)

(Oh the baby feet!)


Char said...

I love that our kids played paddy cake with each other's faces. Too funny!

Kali said...

The feet picture is awesome. And I love the one of Will crying and Kristie and Colton just staring at him!! Cracks me up, lol.

Mackenzie said...

That picture cracks me up too, Kali.

Sam and Tayla said...

You have the cutest kid ever! She is getting so big and more personality so quickly. I hope you and Jason are adjusting to Washington well. We miss you here but are so happy you get to be closer to family.

Zak and Allysia said...

When Belen saw these pictures she kept saying over and over, "I wanna play!"