Saturday, January 3, 2009

What have we been doing?!

More like what have we not been doing?! My heavens have we been busy! How is it possible that we've been back in Washington for THREE weeks already? They're not kidding when they say "Time flies when you're having fun." So true. 

We we finally moved into an apartment at Bay Court apartments, in good ol' Mukilteo!! We'll be in Harbour Pointe ward (hooray!!) and just down the street from my Dad & Ada! (And still nearby J's parents as well!) We've been in limbo as far as the living situation goes...we moved into the apartment, but we've been "babysitting" the younger Duce kiddos for the weekend while Dave & Janelle took Erin to college so we've been staying the night at the Duce house. And we still have stuff at Dad & Ada's. So we have our stuff at THREE different places right now! Ah! Poor Kristie must be SO confused. And so messed up...her naps are not as great as they usually are and she's been waking up at night. Which brings me to our next exciting thing...

Kristie's first tooth is coming in!!!!! I can't tell you how excited we are! And sad that she's growing up! I feel like I'm doing something right though, as a parent you know?! Not like I had anything to do with her tooth making it's appearance, but that she's progressing & growing like she's supposed to. =) Anyway, it's broken through so you can feel the top of it! So weird when you're just used those cute little gums! So not only is her sleeping off because of all the moving around, but she's getting a tooth for cryin' out loud! (And a bit of a runny nose.) My goodness...poor lil' lady. 

Anyway, the apartment's awesome! We found a THREE bedroom for only $980 a month! It's got a ton of space, which we love. The kitchen's not as big as the last, but it'll definitely do. It's so sad...moving, unpacking and decorating from scratch again makes me what to redecorate and buy new things...which we don't have the money for. I'll just have to wait. =) 

Outfit from Auntie Kali...tooooo cute!
Kristie hanging out with the big kids. 
Kristie, Grandpa Duce, Uncle John & Uncle Blake
Seminary reunion! Mallory, Katie, Ryan, Me, Kristie, Char, Colton & Jihan! This was too much fun. (We missed you Tyler, Becky & Kali!!)

Future Mr & Mrs Lybbert? =)

Ryan's first time holdin' babies!
Out to eat at Mongolian Grill. (SO cute in a high chair.)
First umbrella stroller!! From Auntie Katie!! 
Love, love, loves chillin' on the couch.
Love, love, loves the mac...
Kristie meeting our friends - Aaron, Tyler & Cory. (Her face is priceless...perhaps a little too much testosterone.)
She was tired...otherwise I know Aaron would make her giggle & laugh!
Here's a few pictures from the move from Rexburg to WA. Kristie loved taking turns "driving" the moving truck!


Kali said...

I'm so glad the outfit fits! And I love the driving picutres :)

Jenna and Drew said...

Wow, you guys have been busy. At least you have a place to move all your stuff into now. Kristie is so cute, I love the driving pics. Brooklyn will be excited to see her next month when we come visit!

~Aimee~ said...

That's awesome that you found a place and are getting moved in. :-) What a great deal for a 3 bedroom! I'll have to come check it out sometime. I am seriously anxious to see you and Kristie! :-)