Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here Comes Baby #2!

You've probably already heard, but I'm expecting! We have a little peanut coming around August 10th - I'm 8 weeks along...still hasn't completely hit me yet! Funny thing after we came home from finding out I was pregnant - Kristie started saying "baby" all on her own! I was like, "What did you just say?!" That little chica...she's so intuitive. =) We told Jason's family when we went over to their house before we left for Utah. Then told my family Christmas day, when we were ALL together...even Dallin! We got to call him over in Latvia (he's doing SO well by the way) so that's when I made the announcement.

So far I'm doing alright - already hitting the stage though where I get nauseous if I get hungry, and sometimes nauseous after I eat. And starting to have a hard time finding something to eat that my tummy wants. Oh boy! This time around I can't focus on myself 'cause there's a toddler running around the house - maybe that'll make the pregnancy go faster this time around? We'll see!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Utah

Wow, what a trip! Always fun to get away to Utah and be with so much family!! Sorry for the overload on pictures - it's too hard to pick and choose! (And this was even narrowing it down!)

We first went to Discovery Gateway in SLC for the kiddos - it was such a blast! Met up with Camilla, Thomas & Henry there. Here I am with Henry...he's changed so much since I last saw him!
The ball thing - you could put balls in the sucker-upper thing and it would go all over the place in a bunch of tubes! Awesome...
Even Dev loved it!
Here's the tubes the balls go through, all above our heads...
Thomas had SO much fun.

Building a tower together. =)
A Kristie size kitchen! She loved that she could get into all the drawers and not get in trouble for it. =)
She also LOVED the car.
Such an awesome place!
Leslie, Devin, Henry & Kristie

Dustin, Camilla & Henry
Kristie LOVED playing with Henry! (BTW, he's almost 9 months old and a pound heavier than Kristie!)
Oh so sassy.

Just goooooorgeous.
Christmas Eve - Dustin, Camilla & Thomas singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. =)
Love the look on Grandpa's face!
Jason, me & Kristie's stockings! We really went to town on Kristie' was so much fun!
I made Christmas pull-a-parts....just the way mom used to make them. This was before they baked, after they had rose all night....
Our makeshift Christmas tree - we were staying in Grandpa's basement, and his real tree was upstairs, so we just used this. =)
Again, so excited and so good at opening presents!
Her first baby doll!
Anna made Kristie a sock monkey!! She just made it up as she went along! My heavens she is talented....I couldn't get over how cute this is...

Darrin & Anna
Dev & Leslie
Dad & Ada let Kristie open their present 'cause she was sad when she didn't have any more to open... =)
My husby is SO dang cute!
Woo woo! I got HP. =)
I got Jason his much needed iPod! He wanted to listen to music on his bus commute to Seattle everyday, so he was SO happy to get this!
I had engraved "I love you, I love you, I love you!" on the back. When we were dating, towards the end he was away for college, then his mission for two years. So whenever we talked, I said "I miss you, I miss you, I miss you!" Then once we were married, it changed to "I love you, I love you, I love you!"

The flipping over of the pull-a-parts after they baked!
Three words: Heaven, heaven, heaven!!!!!!

Kristie, chillin' with Henry...I love this picture. =)
Day after Christmas, we went to Ada's sister's Peruvian restaurant that just opened a month ago. It was SO good and SO adorable!!
Kristie getting a tour of the kitchen. =) That's Ada's mom on the left and her brother in law on the right.

Alla us.

They were playing awesome of course there had to be dancing!

Ada and her sister - the one that owns the restaurant and cooks. She's awesome!

On the way home back to Washington...longest drive in the world, especially with a toddler - ick! Anyway, this was at one the gas stations we stopped!!