Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4 Year Anniversary

Our 4 year anniversary was on December 17th, and we celebrated it on the 19th so we could go out longer. =) Devin and Leslie came over and babysat Kristie for us! Jason took me to Anthony's on Pier 66 in Seattle - right on the water - beautiful! It was absolutely lovely, and I just couldn't stop smiling at my adorable husby. It was so nice not wrestling with a toddler during dinner, trying to keep her in those wooden high chairs you get at restaurants. We thoroughly enjoyed it! (But of course missed her like CRAZY.) We were planning on walking to our pier afterwards, the one Jason proposed to me on, but it was rainy and a wee bit cold. But we did walk around the Seattle Center to see all the lights. And ran into the coolest tree of balls in front of the Space Needle - it was gorgeous! We just loved every minute of being out together. OH, and our food was AMAZING.

(We just had J's cell phone as a camera, so some pictures aren't totally clear.)
Us. =)
Our DEE-lish dessert. Burnt cream...yummmm. It was peppermint, vanilla & ginger.
View of the water from the restaurant - you could see the ferries going back and forth.
Good ol' Space Needle.
Isn't this cool?! I'm standing in front of it so you can see how big it is.

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