Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Big 2-5!

Wow! What an amazing birthday! Here's the run down of how my wonderful day went...

1) Kristie and I both slept in 'til 10am. 
2) Took our time, lounging around in our jammies and eating breakfast.
3) Leslie and Dev came over to babysit Kristie so I could do a little shopping for myself while she was napping.
4) I made a quick decision in the morning to get bangs! I texted Jessica who cuts my hair, and she happened to have an opening at 2:15. So I stopped in and she cut it in like 5 minutes! Turned out super cute! I just got tired of tucking my hair behind my ears. =)
5) Went shopping at Plato's Closet and found 7 name brand sweaters for $34! (They bought two pairs of jeans and pair of shoes from me, so I had $16 store credit AND they were having a sale, buy two sweaters get one free!) 
6) Came home and Devin had put up our Christmas lights for me!! They look amazing!!
7) I brought King's Teriyaki home for dinner (Jason was late from work...) and it was DELICIOUS!
8) The Duces and the Franks were both able to come over for a little birthday party!
9) Leslie did my make up for a present. She's fabulous!!
10) I got a set of mineral makeup from the Duce's (which I've been DYING to try!!) and really cute, really comfortable sweater from Dad & Ada (as you can see from the shopping earlier, I've been desperate for sweaters!) and a NIKON D3000 from Jason!!!!!!! (I literally cried when I tried it out!!!! You have no idea how badly I've been wanting it.) 
11) Dad, Ada, Dev & Leslie stayed so we could watch the new Survivor together - it was an amazing episode. =) 
12) Dustin, Camilla, Darrin & Anna called to wish me a happy birthday!

My heavens, what an amazing day!!!

Here's our new living room...chilling before the party started. =)
Leslie doing my makeup.
Oh Jason, you scored big time!!
Love at first sight. =)
Dairy Queen made my cake. =) It's my absolute fave! And it was nice to take a break for my day! (This was post cutting.)

Kristie and Blake, just having a ball together!

Talking to Dustin, Camilla, Darrin & Anna...and clutching the new camera for dear life. 
First picture taken with the new camera!!

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