Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Utah

Wow, what a trip! Always fun to get away to Utah and be with so much family!! Sorry for the overload on pictures - it's too hard to pick and choose! (And this was even narrowing it down!)

We first went to Discovery Gateway in SLC for the kiddos - it was such a blast! Met up with Camilla, Thomas & Henry there. Here I am with Henry...he's changed so much since I last saw him!
The ball thing - you could put balls in the sucker-upper thing and it would go all over the place in a bunch of tubes! Awesome...
Even Dev loved it!
Here's the tubes the balls go through, all above our heads...
Thomas had SO much fun.

Building a tower together. =)
A Kristie size kitchen! She loved that she could get into all the drawers and not get in trouble for it. =)
She also LOVED the car.
Such an awesome place!
Leslie, Devin, Henry & Kristie

Dustin, Camilla & Henry
Kristie LOVED playing with Henry! (BTW, he's almost 9 months old and a pound heavier than Kristie!)
Oh so sassy.

Just goooooorgeous.
Christmas Eve - Dustin, Camilla & Thomas singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. =)
Love the look on Grandpa's face!
Jason, me & Kristie's stockings! We really went to town on Kristie' was so much fun!
I made Christmas pull-a-parts....just the way mom used to make them. This was before they baked, after they had rose all night....
Our makeshift Christmas tree - we were staying in Grandpa's basement, and his real tree was upstairs, so we just used this. =)
Again, so excited and so good at opening presents!
Her first baby doll!
Anna made Kristie a sock monkey!! She just made it up as she went along! My heavens she is talented....I couldn't get over how cute this is...

Darrin & Anna
Dev & Leslie
Dad & Ada let Kristie open their present 'cause she was sad when she didn't have any more to open... =)
My husby is SO dang cute!
Woo woo! I got HP. =)
I got Jason his much needed iPod! He wanted to listen to music on his bus commute to Seattle everyday, so he was SO happy to get this!
I had engraved "I love you, I love you, I love you!" on the back. When we were dating, towards the end he was away for college, then his mission for two years. So whenever we talked, I said "I miss you, I miss you, I miss you!" Then once we were married, it changed to "I love you, I love you, I love you!"

The flipping over of the pull-a-parts after they baked!
Three words: Heaven, heaven, heaven!!!!!!

Kristie, chillin' with Henry...I love this picture. =)
Day after Christmas, we went to Ada's sister's Peruvian restaurant that just opened a month ago. It was SO good and SO adorable!!
Kristie getting a tour of the kitchen. =) That's Ada's mom on the left and her brother in law on the right.

Alla us.

They were playing awesome of course there had to be dancing!

Ada and her sister - the one that owns the restaurant and cooks. She's awesome!

On the way home back to Washington...longest drive in the world, especially with a toddler - ick! Anyway, this was at one the gas stations we stopped!!

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