Sunday, December 28, 2008

We LOVE technology!

This was the Frank fam getting together for Christmas this year! =) It's the in-law year, so next year we'll all be together! We're just missing Dallin (who was out with friends...stinker!) and Thomas & Kristie who were in bed. But my goodness, pretty sweet deal huh? We had Georgia, Utah and Washington all together in one iChat. Thanks technology!!

(Darrin & Anna in Utah on the left, Me, Ada, Dad & JAson in Washington in the middle, Leslie & Devin in Georgia on the right, and Dustin & Camilla in Utah on the bottom. How fun!)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas was pretty wonderful! We spent the morning/afternoon at my Dad & Ada's house. (Dallin flew in the day before...Darrin & Anna were planning on coming but couldn't drive with the yucky weather...) We had the traditional Frank pull-a-parts in the morning! Yummm. It was fun to wake up to it snowing like crazy outside too...that's always a plus on Christmas! Kristie was so cute...she didn't do much to open the presents, but it was cute to see her hold her new things. Later we went to the Duce's for Christmas dinner! Dad, Ada & Dallin came over as's SO nice to be able to have both our families together! That, of course, was fun! The Peterson's were there as well. (J's Aunt's family.) We just love being around so much family - so far Washington is treating us well!

Monday, December 22, 2008

And more pictures!

Jacket from great-Aunt Linda!
Blake loves my camera.
Blake & Kristie (and John) eating out.
FINALLY met Auntie Katie!!
Blake was sitting, Kristie was standing. Haha.
(Blake in the background...haha.)

FINALLY meeting Katie's mom! (Who spoiled her with presents of course. teehee.)
Chelsea was sooo jealous of all the attention Kristie was getting. It was hilarious.

Real snow in Washington?!

Wow, we weren't expecting Rexburg style weather here! Craaaazy. It's just kept on snowing and snowing all weekend. And no one here plows, so the roads just stay completely covered and then turn to ice. Silly Washingtonians. And another thing...the snow is sure pretty in Rexburg, but here there are a trillion trees so it's even prettier! I still need to get a good tree picture.

These are my dad's flower planters in the backyard.
The snow...well past my ankles!
Icicles...I don't remember the last time I've seen icicles here!
Kristie LOVES being around BOTH of our families!!

Reading with Opa

She just loves being around Abue & Opa!
Making her "Oooh" face.
Instead of taking her outside, we just shot a picture in front of the window! (Crazy snow day in Washington! I guess we brought the Rexburg weather with us. Sheesh.) 
Chillin' with Uncle Blake. (She kept touching him, it was so cute!)
Playing with Aunt Erin!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

J's Graduation!!

Here are some pictures from Jason's graduation on December 13th from Brigham Young University - Idaho. It was a neat experience and I'm so proud of his big accomplishment! 

First off was the banquet. President Uchdorf was there to eat with us and speak. What a neat guy! He speaks with such strong conviction and really reminds me that, yes this really is the true church. 

Then commencement followed. Uchdorf also spoke at that and gave another great talk. Kristie, Janelle, Dave & I sat in the bleachers together while Jason was with all the other graduates. It made us proud watching him down there. Kristie made friends with a baby sitting in front of was SO cute. They "talked" and played with each other. =)

At the banquet.
President Uchdorf at the banquet. (The picture turned out dark, so I had to lighten it up...hence the ugly grainy-ness.)
Kristie w/Daddy & Grandpa at the banquet.
President Clark (president of BYU-I) speaking at Commencement.
Uchdorf speaking at commencement.
I'm proud of this picture...I had to zoom in really far to get him, and he was looking right at the camera! (Also grainy looking because I had to lighten it.)
Jason with his parents, Dave & Janelle.
The last family picture of us in Rexburg...

Congratulations Jason!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Candace's Birthday, J's Graduation & Move

Holy cow, we did it! We moved to Washington! We just got here last night around 10pm. What a crazy long trip it was...yuck! We don't ever want to do that again. It took about 20 hours from Rexburg, ID to Mukilteo, WA, which normally takes about 12! Yeesh. With the snow and icy roads, and took much longer! We had to drive so slow, and stop to feed our baby girl and give her a break from the carseat. She was like,  "Whyyyy are you making me sit in this for soooo long?!" It was fun though 'cause she was sitting in between Jason and I since we were driving the moving truck and there's only one seat. We're so used to her sitting in the back and not getting to see much of her when we that was way fun! But, we made it! Thank goodness for Jason's parents. They flew in to Rexburg to see Jason graduate, and drove back with us to drive our truck for us while we were in the moving truck. That was SO nice and such a big help. There's no way we could've done it otherwise. =)

Jason graduated last Friday! That was pretty exciting as well!  The whole ceremony, I kept staring at him, just thinking about how proud I am of him!  I'm so grateful to have a husband who works so hard for our little family!

My birthday was on Wednesday. We were pretty simple and just went out to dinner with a couple of our friends to TGI Friday's. Yum. And had Dairy Queen ice cream cake afterward...a must! Jason got me this gorgeous jewelry box from Nordstrom that's covered in mirrors and is so pretty! I absolutely love it. Here's some pictures from the birthday...graduation ones will be up soon!
Kristie with Jill & Jed (they loved to babysit her!)
Andy, Kela & Aislyn
Jason, Kristie & I
Aislyn & Kristie (Aislyn is only 3 months older than Kristie!)
Our first picture of us together with her smiling! YESSS! (That was a good birthday present.)
My cake. (A two and 4 candles.)
 (I forgot to make a wish. haha.)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Guess who's 6 months old?

That's right, Kristie turned 6 months old on Friday the 5th. My goodness! This has been the fastest 6 months, that's for sure. She had her wellness check up today and she's doing great! 15.5 pounds (35 percentile) and 25 inches long (31 percentile.) So she's a little smaller than the average 6 month old. =) But man is she cute! Had more shots today, and boy did those bite. Poor girl. I'm so proud of her. The doctor and the nurse were both surprised at how well she sits! She could just sit all day if I let her. They said normally 6 month olds are just learning how to sit or can only sit for a minute. Anyway, we love you Kristie!!

This is how Kristie lays in the bath sometimes. Totally cracks me up!

Utah Weekend

Dallin's performing in Hale Center Theater's "A Christmas Carol" so we all met up in UT to go see it together. (Minus Dev & Leslie...we missed you!!) It was way fun and worth the trip. The show was absolutely amazing, and Dallin was wonderful!! Jason, Kristie & I stayed at Dustin & Camilla's while we were there. It's always fun spending time with them and our nephew Thomas! The first night (Friday) we had a combined birthday party for me, Dustin & Darrin. I'm on December 1oth, Dustin's on the 11th and Darrin's on the 27th! That night we had to take a dip in the new hot was fabulous. 

Saturday was the show. We first did some shopping then met up at the theater. It was me, Jason, Dustin, Camilla, Dad, Ada, Darrin, Anna, and Grandpa Frank that went! Kristie stayed with my Aunt Linda and my cousins Danae, Ali & Stephanie since babies aren't allowed to the show. President Uchdorf was there at the show and sitting not too far back from us!! It was so cool! I went over, shook his hand and talked to him for a few seconds! I even used some of the german I learned in high school. Haha. Funny story...I said "Wie gehts?"(How are you?) And he said "Ah, sprechen sie Deutsch?" (Do you speak German?) And I said "Kleine." (Small.) I told my brother Dustin (who speaks German fluently) and he said "Wie gehts" is an informal I basically said to a General Authority "Hey, how's it goin?!" Way to go Candace! Anyway, he's going to be speaking at Jason's graduation this weekend, so we'll get to see him again!

After Dallin's show, we went out to dinner at The Cracker Barrel...yum. We ended up having such a fun time...tons of laughs (and crying laughs!) And we couldn't leave without buying their amazing apple butter. MMMM. We had to leave the next day. All in all, a fun quick trip to Utah! 

Me & the bros in the hot tub...Dallin, Me, Darrin & Dustin.

Thomas was like "I wanna hold baby Kristie!" That was exciting, 'cause last month we were there for Darrin's wedding and he didn't want to even touch her. =)

Two cute cousins!

Grandpa Frank and I before the show started.

Darrin & Anna in their seats.

Dallin & I after the show! Too bad he wasn't wearing his awesome top hat!

Dad, Dallin & Ada

Dallin on the "A Christmas Carol" poster! (He's right in the middle.)

Grandpa playing this game to himself at the Cracker Barrel. (I thought this was so cute! He was very focused.)