Monday, December 15, 2008

Candace's Birthday, J's Graduation & Move

Holy cow, we did it! We moved to Washington! We just got here last night around 10pm. What a crazy long trip it was...yuck! We don't ever want to do that again. It took about 20 hours from Rexburg, ID to Mukilteo, WA, which normally takes about 12! Yeesh. With the snow and icy roads, and took much longer! We had to drive so slow, and stop to feed our baby girl and give her a break from the carseat. She was like,  "Whyyyy are you making me sit in this for soooo long?!" It was fun though 'cause she was sitting in between Jason and I since we were driving the moving truck and there's only one seat. We're so used to her sitting in the back and not getting to see much of her when we that was way fun! But, we made it! Thank goodness for Jason's parents. They flew in to Rexburg to see Jason graduate, and drove back with us to drive our truck for us while we were in the moving truck. That was SO nice and such a big help. There's no way we could've done it otherwise. =)

Jason graduated last Friday! That was pretty exciting as well!  The whole ceremony, I kept staring at him, just thinking about how proud I am of him!  I'm so grateful to have a husband who works so hard for our little family!

My birthday was on Wednesday. We were pretty simple and just went out to dinner with a couple of our friends to TGI Friday's. Yum. And had Dairy Queen ice cream cake afterward...a must! Jason got me this gorgeous jewelry box from Nordstrom that's covered in mirrors and is so pretty! I absolutely love it. Here's some pictures from the birthday...graduation ones will be up soon!
Kristie with Jill & Jed (they loved to babysit her!)
Andy, Kela & Aislyn
Jason, Kristie & I
Aislyn & Kristie (Aislyn is only 3 months older than Kristie!)
Our first picture of us together with her smiling! YESSS! (That was a good birthday present.)
My cake. (A two and 4 candles.)
 (I forgot to make a wish. haha.)


Zak and Allysia said...

Happy Birthday, Candace! Good job on the car trip glad to hear you made it safe and sound...those can sure be difficult with a little one especially when the weather is bad. We are sad that we missed you :( but, maybe we'll be able to come up and visit sometime...I have family that live in Everett whom I haven't seen in forever! Good Luck!!!!

Laura said...

I'm soooooooo glad you're back! When am I gonna see you guys?

Kali said...

No need for you to make a wish! You've got your little cutie AND you're back in WA. What else could you want?!?

Padilla Fam said...

moving can be a pain, i'm glad you all made it safe. and kristie is so cute. Ilove the way she is so smiley!