Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas was pretty wonderful! We spent the morning/afternoon at my Dad & Ada's house. (Dallin flew in the day before...Darrin & Anna were planning on coming but couldn't drive with the yucky weather...) We had the traditional Frank pull-a-parts in the morning! Yummm. It was fun to wake up to it snowing like crazy outside too...that's always a plus on Christmas! Kristie was so cute...she didn't do much to open the presents, but it was cute to see her hold her new things. Later we went to the Duce's for Christmas dinner! Dad, Ada & Dallin came over as's SO nice to be able to have both our families together! That, of course, was fun! The Peterson's were there as well. (J's Aunt's family.) We just love being around so much family - so far Washington is treating us well!

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