Thursday, December 18, 2008

J's Graduation!!

Here are some pictures from Jason's graduation on December 13th from Brigham Young University - Idaho. It was a neat experience and I'm so proud of his big accomplishment! 

First off was the banquet. President Uchdorf was there to eat with us and speak. What a neat guy! He speaks with such strong conviction and really reminds me that, yes this really is the true church. 

Then commencement followed. Uchdorf also spoke at that and gave another great talk. Kristie, Janelle, Dave & I sat in the bleachers together while Jason was with all the other graduates. It made us proud watching him down there. Kristie made friends with a baby sitting in front of was SO cute. They "talked" and played with each other. =)

At the banquet.
President Uchdorf at the banquet. (The picture turned out dark, so I had to lighten it up...hence the ugly grainy-ness.)
Kristie w/Daddy & Grandpa at the banquet.
President Clark (president of BYU-I) speaking at Commencement.
Uchdorf speaking at commencement.
I'm proud of this picture...I had to zoom in really far to get him, and he was looking right at the camera! (Also grainy looking because I had to lighten it.)
Jason with his parents, Dave & Janelle.
The last family picture of us in Rexburg...

Congratulations Jason!!!!!!!


sheilandave said...

Duce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap I found you! It's Dave. Hey add us to your blog list. It's good to see you, your daughter is really cute. Hi Candice, I heard a lot about you on the mission. Hope to hear from you guys!
Dave Stevens

Ryan and Cecily said...

I hope you had a great birthday Candace!! Also, congrats to Jason for graduating!! That always feels REALLY good!!