Thursday, May 27, 2010

Silly Girls photo shoot...are you in?!

So my friends from Rexburg (Laura & Megan) started up Silly Girls Photography a couple years ago. They'd do photo shoots just for kicks, inviting anyone who wanted to come. The end goal was to always get out of your comfort zone & bring out the pure silliness and beauty in everyone. I didn't actually get to do it in Rexburg since Kristie was a newborn so it was hard to get out. But Laura moved back to WA when I did, so I got to do one shoot with was a BLAST!!! (Search "Silly Girls Photography" on Facebook for their page and there are a TONS of albums of just amazing, fun pictures!! I'm in the "Silly girls celebrate summer" album.)

ANYWAY, since we're all spread out now and living in different places, they want to go global. =) They're inviting girls to host their own photo shoots and have everyone do it on the same day, with the same theme! Laura invited me to do one here in WA, so I'm way excited!! Let me know if you're interested, it's going to be such a blast! Also, if you know someone who'd like to be a part of this, invite them too!

Check out the website so you can get a better idea of what this is all about! I'll keep you updated with the date of the shoot when that's decided! I'm so honored that I get to be considered a Silly Girl. Come to the shoot so you can be one too!!

May flowers

I have a slight infatuation with Gerbera daisies....I just love them!! And I've been dying to have flowers on our porch, but have never potted plants before, so I was a wee bit nervous. But I went for it anyway. Kristie and I have fun watering them together!

Some in the long planter hanging on the railing.

And Kristie's sunflower is getting bigger!!
Then more daisies on the floor as well as the Mother's day pansies they handed out at church. =)
This just makes me smile so big when I look outside!

THE photo wall

Kali's moved back from Iowa with her boyfriend, Chris!!!! For good!!! She graduated from law school and headed back here to live and work. Soooo exciting that we're living in the same state again. =) Anyway, she decided it was time to take down the photo wall in her old room that's been there since high school. So I had to grab some pictures of it before she did. Wow, so many memories.

Becky, Katie, Me &!
Wow, don't we look so cute! Teehee!
Singing in girls barbershop in high school...look how long my hair was!! (Second from the left.)
Kali taking it down - what a monumental moment. =)
Excuse our no make-up faces! Eeek. Kali still looks beautiful, but I look like a zombie. =)

Shawn's Wedding Cake

The cakes, all decorated and ready to be assembled. This was after 16 cake mixes, 48 eggs, tons of frosting, fondant, strawberry filling and 4 days of preparation. Phew!

I stole a shot of the bride before the wedding. =)

I hafta say, I really love how this one turned out.

John's Prom, again!

John had another prom to go to, and asked me to take pics again! Gosh, they're so much fun to take pictures of! And it was at one of my favorite parks, Harborview Park. Just gorgeous.

Pom-pom girl

I found these pom-poms in the new section at Value Village for 3 bucks and they're so fun!

I caved.

I was trying soooo hard to grow my hair out, but I just can't last. I can't have hair on my shoulders. lol. So I made an appointment with my stylist, Jessica (I don't know if I told you but I grew up with her, she's a year-ish younger than me and SO great) and she chopped it off. THANKS!!! I feel sooo much better.

A little late...

I realized as I was cleaning out her closet that I never took pictures of her in her Christmas dress! So I whipped it out and got some. =)

The Zoo!

Wow, it was sooo fun taking Kristie this year, especially since she knows tons of animals and the noises...such a crack up!

Dallin and I have a picture on this when we were kids!