Thursday, May 27, 2010

THE photo wall

Kali's moved back from Iowa with her boyfriend, Chris!!!! For good!!! She graduated from law school and headed back here to live and work. Soooo exciting that we're living in the same state again. =) Anyway, she decided it was time to take down the photo wall in her old room that's been there since high school. So I had to grab some pictures of it before she did. Wow, so many memories.

Becky, Katie, Me &!
Wow, don't we look so cute! Teehee!
Singing in girls barbershop in high school...look how long my hair was!! (Second from the left.)
Kali taking it down - what a monumental moment. =)
Excuse our no make-up faces! Eeek. Kali still looks beautiful, but I look like a zombie. =)

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