Thursday, May 27, 2010

Silly Girls photo shoot...are you in?!

So my friends from Rexburg (Laura & Megan) started up Silly Girls Photography a couple years ago. They'd do photo shoots just for kicks, inviting anyone who wanted to come. The end goal was to always get out of your comfort zone & bring out the pure silliness and beauty in everyone. I didn't actually get to do it in Rexburg since Kristie was a newborn so it was hard to get out. But Laura moved back to WA when I did, so I got to do one shoot with was a BLAST!!! (Search "Silly Girls Photography" on Facebook for their page and there are a TONS of albums of just amazing, fun pictures!! I'm in the "Silly girls celebrate summer" album.)

ANYWAY, since we're all spread out now and living in different places, they want to go global. =) They're inviting girls to host their own photo shoots and have everyone do it on the same day, with the same theme! Laura invited me to do one here in WA, so I'm way excited!! Let me know if you're interested, it's going to be such a blast! Also, if you know someone who'd like to be a part of this, invite them too!

Check out the website so you can get a better idea of what this is all about! I'll keep you updated with the date of the shoot when that's decided! I'm so honored that I get to be considered a Silly Girl. Come to the shoot so you can be one too!!

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