Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dev's Birthday & Mother's Day

With Dev's new job, he works from 2-10, so the only day we could do his birthday party was on Mother's day. That was while we were staying at the Duces, so we just had them come over and have the party there. He wanted homemade pizza for his birthday dinner, so we all pitched in (Duces & Franks!) and made four big pizzas. It was soooo much fun! He wanted a snowboarding half pipe cake so I did that for him. It turned out super fun and he loved it!

I put cut up snickers in the filling. Oh man!
Then covered it in rice crispy treats to build the pipe. Phew!
Then covered it in fondant to finish it off. He's obsessed with DC, so he made sure I had that on there. =)

He was there when I was finishing it up, so he stayed away so he could be surprised. =)
So cute, he was like a little kid.

Dev's sketches for the cake.
Then we got to work on the pizzas. Jason & Becca made the dough.
John took a break and did sudoku.
Dev & Leslie rolled out the dough.
Dad & Ada got the toppings ready.

Done! There was one more after this...we had plenty to go around!
Then we opened Mother's day presents and Dev's presents.

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