Monday, September 6, 2010

Bachelorette Finale

Les and I wore our wedding dresses for our Bachelorette finale night! Too, too had been almost 5 years since I put mine on and I just couldn't contain my giddiness. =)

Kaci & Jessica also dressed up...they were our hot bridesmaids. =)
Me, Jessica, Leslie, Kaci & Aileen...Amber took the pic. =)
Had to document this moment in the often would Leslie and I get to wear our wedding dresses at the same time?!


Jennifer and Enoch Jones said...

I can't believe you still FIT in your wedding dress! sounds fun!!!

Beverly said...

hahahahha that is AWESOME! Now i wish I could get my dress on and join you! :) Althought I'm sure that after 3 kids, it prob doesn't fit anymore. :(