Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tale of a wedding cake...

A high school friend, Amy, asked me to make her wedding cake last year, and it was finally last weekend! It was a week affair really. I started the mini fondant roses on Monday. Tuesday or Wednesday I ran a million errands to get supplies for the cake. Wednesday I did all the baking - and it was a lot of baking. Thursday I filled, crumb coated and covered the tiers in fondant. This was the day I was dreading - I was so afraid of making enough fondant to cover the 14 inch tier. That's the biggest I've done so far. But it worked out! Friday I did all the decorating. Made more fondant for the navy blue "ribbon" and polka dots and all the finishing touches. Thank goodness Dev & Leslie came over to keep Kristie busy or I would've lost my mind! (p.s...this was the inspiration that Amy found - http://www.annatylercakes.co.uk/about.htm.)

The mini roses.
Covered in fondant and ready to go.
Dev took the camera and took some shots!

All stacked at the reception.

Stefanie, Cara and I at the reception. We went to high school together - it was fun catching up!
Leslie came with me!
Amy and her new husband cutting the cake!

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Bri said...

Candace! that is a beautiful wedding cake. great job!